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For individuals...

who are already implementing solutions to mitigate climate change or are desirous of leveraging their skills to do so.

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Looking for...

knowledge, mentorship, leadership and change management skills, hands-on experience, and ultimately a leadership role in the field of climate change solutions.

B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad

To become...

  • a climate solutionary
  • a climate entrepreneur
  • a CXO at an organisation leading climate action

Programme Highlights

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B.Des. colleges in gujarat

Learning Journey

B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad

Change Management

B.Des. colleges in india

Technical Skills

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Personal Boosters

Anant Fellows for Climate Action 2021-22

In 2021-22, the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action received 2703 applications from 50 countries for 20 seats. The cohort comprises 24 Fellows from 13 countries of which 37.5% are women. Age is no bar at the Fellowship. The youngest member in the cohort was 16 years old at the time of enrollment and the oldest was 63 years old. These passionate individuals are an eclectic mix of individuals with academic and practical experience in areas such as microbiology research, biodiversity conservation, AI and data science, environmental activism, corporate sustainability, agriculture and marine ecosystems, to name a few.

  • Arpita Bose
    Principal Investigator and Founder of Bose Lab,
    Washington University in St Louis, USA,
    Faculty, Anant School for Climate Action
    View profile
  • Humayain Kabir
    PhD candidate, Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change,
    University of Graz, Austria
    View profile
  • Anusha Sheth
    Master's in Sustainable Energy Technology,
    Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands
    View profile
  • Juan Antonio Arriaga
    Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer,
    GREENfluidics S.A.S. de CV., Mexico
    View profile
  • Sigrid Vasconez
    Sociologist and environmental biologist,
    Ex-Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Ecuador
    View profile
  • Nitij Singh
    Manager, Strategic Government Advisory, Yes Bank
    Co-founder, Aslee, India
    View profile
  • Krystel Mae Penaflor
    Development Management Officer, Climate Change Commission,
    Office of the President, Philippines
    View profile
  • Atik Sheikh
    Senior Consultant, Sustainability and Climate change Division,
    PwC India, India
    View profile
  • Ashutosh Singh
    GPODS Fellow, Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellow,
    ClimateForce Antarctica Participant, Former BDM India, Zoeasy LLC, India,
    Founder Farminvesta, IIT Kharagpur Graduate
    Advisor, Anant School for Climate Action
    View profile
  • Salem Afeworki
    Energy and Sustainability Services Manager, City of Costa Mesa, California,
    Founder of Value Sustainability, USA
    View profile
  • Freeman Elohor Oluowo
    Centre Coordinator, Climate change and environment programmes and projects,
    African Centre for Climate Actions and Rural Development (ACCARD), Nigeria
    View profile
  • Jeremiah Thoronka
    BA (Hons) in Global Challenges, African Leadership University, Kigali, Rwanda,
    Certificate in Conservation Leadership, School of Wildlife Conservation, Kigali, Rwanda
    View profile
  • Nurul Islam Biplob
    Project coordinator, British Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh View profile
  • Neeraja Kudrimoti
    State Program Officer – Transformation of Aspirational Districts Program, Chhattisgarh, India;
    Master’s in Public Policy, University College London, United Kingdom
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  • Kelo Uchendu
    Founder and Lead Strategist,
    Gray2Green Movement, Nigeria
    View profile
  • Pankaj Jiwrajka
    Manager, Partnerships, Transform Rural India View profile
  • Sai Parameswaran
    Climate Change Desk, LAYA Resource Centre, India View profile
  • Paul M. Tuda
    Scientist, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), guest lecturer, ISATEC (Tropical Fisheries and Catching Methods), Bremen University, Germany View profile
  • Susan Jackson
    Affiliated Researcher, Stockholm University, Sweden View profile
  • Shanmuga Sundara Bharathi
    Documentary filmmaker, former Programme Executive, Doordarshan, India;Nature Conservationist since 2019 View profile
  • Ketan Patel
    Director of Africa and Asia, Enveritas, USA View profile
  • Stacey Alvarez de la Campa
    Educational/legal consultant, environmental expert and teacher, University of Strathclyde, Centre for Environmental Law and Governance, Scotland; and Lex Caribbean Attorneys-at-law, Barbados;
    Founder of Worldwide Sustainability Warriors
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  • Jos C Raphael
    Director, District Rainwater Harvesting Mission, Kerala government (Mazhapolima), India View profile
  • Maria Elena De Matteo
    Global Communications & Engagement Strategist, Italy View profile

About the Programme

  • About the Fellowship

The Anant Fellowship for Climate Action is a highly selective unique nine month immersive programme, that is based on a mentor-mentee framework. The long term mission of the Fellowship is to create a community of climate change solutionaries who work together and cross-pollinate each other’s work with ideas and expertise across sectors, regions, and generations. While it is good that more people are aware of climate change, we would like to shift the focus to offer people ways to be part of the solution.

The mission of the programme is to create a community of climate change trailblazers who collaborate and cross-pollinate each other’s work with ideas and expertise from across sectors, regions and generations.

The Fellowship offers a powerful combination of knowledge and mentorship. The curriculum covers three pedagogical pillars – technical knowledge, change-maker skills and personal development, divided into six terms.

Fellows work directly with mentors to power up big successful solutions which adequately negate the impact of climate change. The Fellowship presents a different discourse on climate change, given that poverty alleviation and access to basic food and shelter, in addition to climate change, are challenges that India and many other parts of the world deal with. Anyone in the world can register as a student and learn remotely, as well as collaborate with the community of fellows and mentors to be a part of the solutions for climate change, thus enlarging the scope of climate education.

After the completion of the Fellowship, Fellows are poised to take on leadership positions in the USD 3 trillion climate change industry. They are also invited to remain members of the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action community.

Meet the Mentors

  • Amer Vohora
    Partner/Chief Client Officer,
    VALUEworks AG, Switzerland
    View profile
  • Andy Parker
    Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol, UK View profile
  • Anoop Ratnakar Rao
    ReLife, India
    View profile
  • Arunabha Ghosh
    Founder & CEO, Council on Energy, Environment and Water, India View profile
  • Bharath Visweswariah
    Former Director of Investments, Omidyar Network India View profile
  • Chetan Maini
    Co-Founder & Chairman,
    SUN Mobility, India
    View profile
  • Dhaval Monani
    Associate Professor and Director, Affordable Housing;
    MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship,
    IESE Business School
    View profile
  • Diana Mangalagiu
    Professor, Environmental Change Institute,
    University of Oxford, UK and Neoma Business School, France
    View profile
  • Indra Guha
    Think Through Consulting, India
    View profile
  • Lise Anna Bruynooghe
    Executive Coach,
    ProFound Consulting AG, Switzerland
    View profile
  • Manish Kharbanda
    Jindal Steel & Power, India
    View profile
  • Maureen Nandini Mitra
    Earth Island Journal, US
    View profile
  • Mustapha Mokass
    Climate Finance Advisory
    View profile
  • Vikram Chatterji
    Co-founder, Galileo View profile

Advisors to the Fellowship

  • Adam Werbach
    Global Lead, Sustainable Shopping,
    Amazon, U.S.A
    View profile
  • Laurence Tubiana
    CEO, European Climate Foundation, and
    Chair of Board of Governors, French Development Agency, France
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Programme Details

  • TERM 1: Context
  • TERM 2: Carbon
  • TERM 3: Industry
  • TERM 4: Policy
  • TERM 5: Mentorship
  • TERM 6: Common Goods

The academic year for the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action commences on 9th January 2023, with a context-setting term. In this term, fellows understand the context of climate change from a global and local perspective. They get the opportunity to recognise oneself with self-growth modules and receive personalised coaching sessions on leadership.

Fellows learn concepts related to Carbon Accounting, Carbon Market, Green Finance, Waste to Wealth, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in addition to self-growth modules and personalised leadership coaching sessions.

Fellows learn about the carbon-intensive industries and sectors such as automotive, building/construction, manufacturing, energy, food & agriculture and fashion industry. Additionally, they learn about organisational change along with personal coaching.

Fellows learn about areas of policy and concepts such as poverty alleviation, food and shelter, the epistemology of sustainability, climate change policy and politics, journalistic reporting on sustainability and basic theories of development economics and choose to specialise in a specific industry or policy area. In addition, Fellows learn more about organisational change and get personalised support for life and career post-fellowship.

Term 5 focusses on mentorship activities, and the Fellows will get an opportunity to work in her/his mentor’s organisation which will coincide with the industry/policy area that the fellow chose in term 4. They receive personalised training to define their unique leadership path in addition to  pre-recruitment support (employment contracts, role/salary negotiation, entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship)and more.

The Anant Fellowship for Climate Action programme ends on 30 September 2023. In the last term, Fellows learn to implement the knowledge gathered over various terms. The study about common goods like air, water and land along-with food security and population. Fellows also receive personalised pre-recruitment support (employment contracts, role/salary negotiation, entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship) and more.

Meet the Faculty

  • Abhishek Jain
    Fellow and Director,
    Powering Livelihoods Council on Energy, Environment and Water
    View profile
  • Anna Stervinou
    Social Innovation and Sustainability Program,
    ISEM Fashion Business School
    View profile
  • Dr Ashima Sood
    Associate Professor and Co-Director, CUCE; Ph.D. in Economics,
    Cornell University
    View profile
  • Dr Debajit Palit
    Professor of Energy
    NTPC School of Business, Noida
    View profile
  • Devdutt Pattanaik
    Mythologist, Author and Illustrator View profile
  • Sandeep Kanda
    Consultant at the World Bank View profile
  • Dr Vaibhav Chaturvedi
    Economist View profile
  • Barun Aggarwal
    CEO, BreatheEasy Consultants Pvt Ltd. View profile
  • Dr Scott Odell
    Ph.D., Graduate School of Geography,
    Clark University
    View profile
  • Dr Angelo Gurgel
    Research scientist View profile
  • Terry Cannon
    View profile
  • R. Prakash
    Consultant at SUN Mobility View profile

Anant Fellows for Climate Action 2020-21

Programme Vision


  • Eligibility
  • Selection Process
  • Fellowship Track

We endeavour to include as many people who wish to be part of the solution to climate change. The Fellowship programme has been designed with the option of flexible classes such that candidates can study or work at the same time as learning with the fellowship. There are no age, degree, or background criteria to apply for the Fellowship.

The Following is the selection process for the Fellowship:

  • Stage 1: Online application



  • Stage 2: Online interviews – technical and behavioural


An applicant can apply only once a year.

Do note that at the time of joining, original certificates of your education and work experience are required to be submitted for verification.

The programme is conducted in two separate tracks both having the start and end dates as same and same curriculum focus.

Track 1: Join the fellowship full time in the Year-Off track. The programme fee for this track is Rs 5 lakhs.

Track 2: Join the fellowship part-time as an Advanced Professional. The programme fee for this track is Rs 7 lakhs. Fellows opting for this track will be provided with a customised experience to make up for the three terms they will miss.

  • Fellows must let us know which terms they will attend 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the Fellowship programme. Please note it is mandatory to attend a minimum of three terms in the Advanced Professional track.

  • We will also customise your interactions with the mentors and coaches to suit your availability.

The programme is conducted in two separate tracks. They start and end at the same time and follow the same curriculum. Need-based scholarships are offered.

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The Fellowship for Climate Action tackles the unprecedented level of climate anxiety by offering you ways to be part of big solutions to mitigate climate change. You will work directly with mentors to power up sustainable, successful solutions to adequately negate the impact of climate change.

The Fellowship presents and facilitates for you a different, unique, and rounded discourse on climate change. The program curriculum is designed such that your growth is maximised, not hampered, due to online learning thanks to our partnerships with online learning platforms such as You can register from anywhere in the world and learn remotely while collaborating with our growing community of Fellows and Mentors.

We offer a powerful combination of in-depth knowledge and mentorship. Our curriculum covers three pedagogical pillars – technical knowledge, change-maker skills, and personal development. You will encounter these pillars over six terms.

You will also be continuously mentored by experts while keeping in schedule with the established curriculum

We offer you the chance to take on leadership positions in the USD 3 trillion Climate Change industry while also remaining an active member of the Fellowship for Climate Action community.

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