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Academic Year 2021-22
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For individuals...

who are already implementing solutions to mitigate climate change or are desirous of leveraging their skills to do so.

Looking for...

knowledge, mentorship, leadership and change management skills, hands-on experience, and ultimately a leadership role in the field of climate change solutions.

To become...

  • a climate solutionary
  • a climate entrepreneur
  • a CXO at an organisation leading climate action

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About the Programme

  • About AFCA
  • Mentors
  • Tracks

There is an unprecedented level of climate anxiety around us. While it is good that more people are aware of climate change, we would like to shift the focus to offer people ways to be part of the solution.

The mission of the programme is to create a community of climate change trailblazers who collaborate and cross-pollinate each other’s work with ideas and expertise from across sectors, regions and generations.

The programme conducts around 75% of the classes at locations where solutions for climate change are implemented and at places affected by climate change. The faculty includes established academics and practitioners of global reputation. Our fellows work closely with a guide chosen from our illustrious board of mentors who are supporting the Fellowship programme.

Our Board of Mentors to the Fellows for Climate Action include:

  • Arunabha Ghosh, CEO, Council on Energy, Environment, Water, India
  • Chetan Maini, CEO, Sun Mobility. Founder & ex-CEO, Mahindra Reva, India
  • Mustapha Mokass, CEO, Beya Capital, Morocco
  • Manish Kharbanda, Advisor, Jindal Steel & Power, India
  • Anoop Ratnakar Rao, CEO, ReLife. Ex-CEO and co-founder, Naandi, India
  • Dhaval Monani, CEO First Home Realty, India
  • Indra Guha, Partner, TTC, India
  • Lise Anna Bruynooghe, Owner, ProFound Consulting
  • Amer Vohora, Partner Value Works, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Adam Werbach, Co-founder, Yerdle, San Francisco, USA
  • Maureen Nandini Mitra, Editor, Earth Island Journal
  • Mahua Acharya, CEO, Convergence Energy ,Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
  • Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation, and Chair of the Board of Governors at the French Development Agency, France
  • Diana Mangalagiu, Professor, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford and Neoma Business School, France.

We endeavour to include as many people who wish to be part of the solution to climate change. We designed the Fellowship programme such that those who dedicate a year of their life, whether they are working advanced professionals, entrepreneurs, or young climate activists can benefit from it.
The programme is conducted in two separate tracks:

Track 1: For Fellows who are willing to commit one year to a fully residential programme, the fees for which is Rs 5 lakh.

Track 2: This is for the fellows who are advanced in their careers and would like to continue with their professional careers. They will receive the curriculum and a flexible mentorship experience that can be customised to their availability. The programme fee for this track is Rs 7 lakhs.

Programme Partners

  • MIT Solve is an online climate school and community developed with the objective of building a global professional community of climate change problem solvers. The course, ‘Climate Change: Learning for Action’ is a 12-week interactive climate Bootcamp that gives a deep and strategic overview of all things about climate.


The Anant Fellowship for Climate Action is a member of MIT Solve, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, with a mission to solve world challenges. The Fellows will be involved in various initiatives by MIT Solve all through the year.

Meet the Mentors

  • Adam Werbach
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Graduate in Media and Political Science,
    Brown University
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  • Amer Vohora
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Postgraduate in Manufacturing and Management,
    University of Cambridge
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  • Anoop Ratnakar Rao
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century Program,
    Harvard Kennedy School
    View profile
  • Arunabha Ghosh
    Mentor, AnantU;
    D.Phil in International Relations,
    Balliol College, University of Oxford
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  • Chetan Maini
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSME),
    Stanford University
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  • Dhaval Monani
    Associate Professor and Director, Affordable Housing;
    MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship,
    IESE Business School
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  • Diana Mangalagiu
    Visiting Faculty;
    PhD in Artificial Intelligence,
    École Polytechnique
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  • Indra Guha
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management,
    Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta
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  • Laurence Tubiana
    Mentor, AnantU;
    CEO, European Climate Foundation
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  • Mahua Acharya
    Mentor, AnantU;
    CEO, Convergence Energy ,
    Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
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  • Manish Kharbanda
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Advanced Management Program,
    Harvard Business School
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  • Maureen Nandini Mitra
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Master of Science in Journalism,
    Columbia University
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  • Mustapha Mokass
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Master of Science degree in Urban and Environmental Engineering,
    Université de Technologie de Compiègne
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  • Lise Anna Bruynooghe
    Mentor, AnantU;
    Owner, ProFound Consulting
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Programme Details

  • TERM 1: Context
  • TERM 2: Carbon
  • TERM 3: Industry
  • TERM 4: Policy
  • TERM 5: Mentorship
  • TERM 6: Common Goods

The academic year for the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action commences on 12th October 2020, with a context-setting term. In this term, fellows understand the context of climate change from a global and local perspective. They get the opportunity to recognise oneself with self-growth modules and receive personalised coaching sessions on leadership.

Fellows learn concepts related to Carbon Accounting, Carbon Market, Green Finance, Waste to Wealth, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in addition to self-growth modules and personalised leadership coaching sessions.

Fellows learn about the carbon-intensive industries and sectors such as automotive, building/construction, manufacturing, energy, food & agriculture and fashion industry. Additionally, they learn about organisational change along with personal coaching.

Fellows learn about areas of policy and concepts such as poverty alleviation, food and shelter, the epistemology of sustainability, climate change policy and politics, journalistic reporting on sustainability and basic theories of development economics and choose to specialise in a specific industry or policy area. In addition, Fellows learn more about organisational change and get personalised support for life and career post-fellowship.

Term 5 focusses on mentorship activities, and the Fellows will get an opportunity to work in her/his mentor’s organisation which will coincide with the industry/policy area that the fellow chose in term 4. They receive personalised training to define their unique leadership path in addition to  pre-recruitment support (employment contracts, role/salary negotiation, entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship)and more.

The Anant Fellowship for Climate Action programme ends on 30 September 2020. In the last term, Fellows learn  to implement the knowledge gathered over various terms. The study about common goods like air, water and land along-with food security and population. Fellows also receive personalised pre-recruitment support (employment contracts, role/salary negotiation, entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship) and more.

Meet the Faculty

  • Abhishek Jain
    Visiting Faculty;
    Fellow and Director,
    Powering Livelihoods Council on Energy, Environment and Water
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  • Adam Schlosser
    Visiting Faculty;
    member, NASA Energy and Water Cycle Study (NEWS)
    Science Integration Team.
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  • Anna Stervinou
    Visiting Faculty;
    Social Innovation and Sustainability Program,
    ISEM Fashion Business School
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  • Anupam Yog
    Visiting Faculty;
    View profile
  • Ashima Banker
    Professor and Programme Director- Master of Design (Urban Design);
    Master's in Urban and Regional Planning,
    CEPT University
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  • Dr Ashima Sood
    Associate Professor;
    PhD in Economics,
    Cornell University
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  • Dr Debajit Palit
    Visiting Faculty;
    PhD in Energy Policy,
    TERI School of Advanced Studies
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  • Devdutt Pattnaik
    Visiting Faculty;
    Course in Comparative Mythology,
    Mumbai University
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  • Lucas Chancel
    Visiting Faculty;
    Co-director, World Inequality Lab and,
    Affiliate Professor, Sciences Po
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  • Dr Matthew D. Potts
    Visiting Faculty;
    PhD in Applied Mathematics
    Harvard University
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  • Rina Singh
    Visiting Faculty;
    Founder and Director, Eka
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  • Sandeep Kanda
    Visiting Faculty;
    Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management,
    National Institute of Industrial Engineering
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  • Dr Vaibhav Chaturvedi
    Visiting Faculty;
    Doctorate in Economics,
    Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
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  • Dr Vandana Shiva
    Visiting Faculty;
    Scholar, Author, Activist and,
    Food Sovereignty Advocate
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Read our FAQs

The Fellowship for Climate Action shifts the focus from the unprecedented level of climate anxiety by offering ways to be part of the solution to mitigate climate change. Fellows work directly with mentors to power up big successful solutions which adequately negate the impact of climate change. The Fellowship presents a different discourse on climate change, given that poverty alleviation and access to basic food and shelter, in addition to climate change, are challenges that India and many other parts of the world deal with. Some parts of the curriculum feed into an online platform for climate change education. Anyone in the world can register as a student and learn remotely, as well as collaborate with the community of fellows and mentors to be a part of the solutions for climate change, thus enlarging the scope of climate education.

The Fellowship is for those who have achieved a record of accomplishment in mitigating climate change, have advanced transferable skills, and would like to be propelled into working with the climate pioneers of their field. Applicants should show a demonstrated strong commitment to working towards solutions for climate change.

The Fellowship offers a powerful combination of knowledge and mentorship. The curriculum covers three pedagogical pillars – technical knowledge, change-maker skills and personal development, divided into six terms of two-month duration each. 75% of the Fellowship classes are conducted on-site, that are either adversely affected due to climate change or places where solutions are implemented. Fellows and professors will travel to these locations for the classes.

Mentorship, an important component of the programme, runs parallel with the curriculum. The Community Curator at Anant Fellowship for Climate Action curates spaces and moments where mentors and fellows interact and spend two months learning from them.

  • Learn advanced-level technical skills from leading international academicians and practitioners across carbon accounting, energy efficiency, resource efficiency and climate policy

  • Develop yourself and become a change maker

  • Embark upon an exciting journey with the most influential global climate leaders as your mentors

  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals from across the world

  • Benefit from coaching, negotiation and customised attention to enhance your leadership skills

  • Shape India’s discourse on climate change and relay it to the world

Fellows are expected to take on leadership positions in the USD 2 trillion Climate Change industry. They are also invited to remain a member of the Anant Fellowship for Climate Action community.

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