Roberta Boscolo

Climate & Energy Lead, World Meteorological Organisation, Switzerland

Roberta is the Climate and Energy Lead at the World Meteorological Organization where she oversees multi-million climate projects funded by renowned organizations, developing climate services for the Water-Energy-Food nexus across Africa, South America, Pacific, and Southeast Asia. She leads the Climate and Energy program in the WMO, driving weather, water, and climate services for enhanced energy resilience, efficiency, and renewable energy practices. Boscolo established strategic partnerships with international energy organizations, fostering collaborations
between public and private sectors to advance innovation in climate and
energy. Before this, she worked as a Project Manager and Coordinator for
World Climate Research at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones
Científicas. With a wide and deep knowledge of climate and
sustainability-related issues, she builds and manages transformative
initiatives at the interface between climate science and socio-economic
sectors, especially the energy sector, through partnerships with United Nations agencies, public and private sectors, academia, civil society, media groups, and associations. In 2022, she was included in the top 10 Sustainability
Influencers list by Sustainability Magazine and LinkedIn Top Voice. In 2023, she was nominated as a Thought Leader by Illuminem. Boscolo has launched and managed multi-stakeholder climate adaptation projects in over 20 countries funded by the European Commission, Multilateral Funds, and National Development Agencies. Currently, she manages a portfolio of several
multimillion-dollar projects (US$50M) in Africa, South America, Southeast
Asia, and the Pacific.