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Explore our undergraduate, postgraduate, fellowship and research programmes to strengthen your knowledge and develop skill-sets required in the domain of built environment, design and sustainability. Our programmes encourage you to think creatively and devise practical, eco-friendly and equitable solutions.

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Programmes Offered at Anant

  • Bachelor of Design (B.Des.)
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)
  • B.Tech. specialising in Climate Change
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA)
  • Master of Design (Integrated Product Design)
  • Anant Fellowship
  • Anant Fellowship for Climate Action
  • Research Masters - PhD in Built Environment, Design Excellence and Creative Practice

Bachelor of Design

This is a comprehensive undergraduate degree programme that seeks to challenge today’s physical, material and functional reality to create an innovative and sustainable life. It aims at making designers future-ready to cater to the requirements emerging from new realities driven by technological disruptions.

The programme offers majors in Space Design, Product Design, Communication Design, Fashion and Textile Design (Sustainable Innovation), Interaction Design and Transdisciplinary Design.

Structured into eight semesters, the programme offers multidisciplinary courses extending opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration of other design disciplines.

Degree Type: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

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Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

The Bachelor of Architecture programme at Anant is a 5-year professional degree program approved by the Council of Architecture. The graduate will be eligible to practice as a licenced architect. The pedagogy familiarises students with a range of subjects taught by experts specialising in fields of architecture, engineering, technology, humanities and fine arts. The programme focuses on the overall development of the individual by integrating liberal arts courses with technical know-how. The programme emphasises on areas like sustainable architecture, energy-efficient design, urban renewal and design, heritage conservation, and architectural language and aesthetics.

Structured into 10 semesters, the programme begins with building the foundation of multidisciplinary skills in students followed by a detailed study of the history of architecture and contemporary theories, architectural design, building construction technology, building environment technology, building services, architectural language among others.

Degree Type: Full-time

Duration: 5 years

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B.Tech Programme

The unique B.Tech. degree at Anant is a specialised engineering programme specifically for innovating in climate technologies. It is the only undergraduate degree programme in India offering students to specialise in climate technologies and thus be part of the $23 trillion climate economy globally.

Students learn to use engineering tools and design thinking principles with practical application-oriented learning at Anant’s Climate Lab, within industry, government, research laboratories for creating technology solutions for climate change.

Degree Type: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

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Anant, under the new interdisciplinary Centre for Visual Arts(CVA) in the School of Creative Practices and Entrepreneurship (SCoPE), launched the Bachelor of Visual Arts.

The undergraduate programme by CVA, SCoPE, provides students with a broad education that balances thinking and making, academic rigour and experimental play. It offers a solid grounding in studio art practices integrating traditional arts & crafts and contemporary creative systems. It exposes and trains students to a critical thinking and holistic set of learning processes and skills through its unique transdisciplinary curriculum necessary to express their ideas as artists and future curators.

Degree Type: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

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Master of Design (Integrated Product Design)

This programme was developed in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, USA, combining the disciplines of engineering, management and design and to help graduates from any discipline learn design thinking from multiple perspectives.

Fundamentals of conceptualising, designing, and creating original products, besides building skills in business planning and professional development are some of the highlights of the programme.

The programme prepares the students for multiple career choices, be it employment, entrepreneurship or higher education.

Degree Type: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

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Anant Fellowship

Anant Fellowships is the flagship programme of Anant. It is an intensive programme in built environment for passionate learners who want to create equitable and sustainable solutions for the built habitat.

Taught by academia and industry experts of national and international repute, the Anant Fellowship introduces students to new ideas, knowledge and skills to question, evaluate, invent and redefine the built environment with a multidisciplinary mindset. This Fellowship is a perfect opportunity for students who want to engage with communities and work at the grassroots level to bring a positive impact on society.

Degree Type: Full-time, Residential

Duration: 1 year

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Anant Fellowship for Climate Action

The Anant Fellowship for Climate Action is a unique one-year immersive global programme for climate change solutionaries. Based on a mentor-mentee framework, it aims at creating a community of climate change trailblazers who collaborate and cross-pollinate each other’s work with ideas and expertise from across sectors, regions and generations.

Degree Type: Full-time

Duration: 1 year

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Research Masters – PhD in Built Environment, Design Excellence and Creative Practice

The programme is a unique and highly specialised integrated research masters – PhD programme in the built environment and design excellence. Following the guidelines of National Education Policy (NEP), the programme will allow flexibility to the candidate to select the type of programme (integrated or direct PhD), enrollment status (part-time and full-time), specialisation in multiple areas and tracks (inquiry versus practice). The programme will expose scholars to multidisciplinary applications in the domains of the built environment and design. The uniqueness of the programme lies in its carefully crafted blend of structure, delivery and mentorship, by experienced faculty members and seasoned practitioners.

Duration: Flexible

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Experiential Learning

The University has taken steps to integrate the New Education Policy into the curriculum and pedagogy. Anant aspires to become a site for excellence by fostering interdisciplinary programmes building on its multidisciplinary course offerings. Anant aims to deliver an inclusive pedagogy that is socially engaged. The growth will be relevant, innovative and inspirational. Anant hopes to balance the role of conceptual and applied research in improving practice and making it contextual.


Design with your heart

This represents a meaningful engagement with issues that make us human and is reflected in activities, projects and initiatives related to sustainability, climate change, poverty alleviation, heritage conservation, rural livelihoods, etc.


See with your head

This represents a deep engagement with the cognitive component of design reflected in extensive theoretical inputs through seminar courses besides on interdisciplinary approach to design education.


Experience with your hand

This represents activities that are carried out by our hands and emphasises that idea that dirtying our hands is necessary to learn and grow. It is evidenced in activities at Makerspace, studio based courses and in the institutional culture of learning by doing.


International Credit System

At Anant National University, we offer a choice-based credit system (CBCS) where the learner gets the flexibility to choose courses to their liking from a list of electives and minor courses. The international CBCS allows provides students with the freedom to pursue courses from a foreign university. The credit-based approach allows students to:


  • Choose courses of their liking
  • Study at their own pace
  • Enrol for additional courses to earn extra credits
  • Become eligible to pursue study abroad

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