Focus Areas

  • Develop, curate and deliver courses on public policy for AnantU students

  • Develop and float short term certificate courses in public policy for AnantU students and beyond

  • Expose students to live projects and activities related to public policy design and implementation

  • Carry out research in public policy and related fields

  • Organise seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences, guest lectures and short-term capacity-building programmes

  • Advise organisations on public policy issues and facilitate policy design and its effective implementation

Centre Partner

  • Communeeti

Communeeti is a Delhi-based non-profit organisation which aims to facilitate design and implementation of forward-looking and participative public policies. They work with decision-makers and communities to carry out research, track megatrends, collect insights and catalyse policy action. Communeeti also works with diverse stakeholders to build awareness, deliver knowledge and build capacities around public policy with the purpose of bringing greater diversity at the decision-making table and add value to the policymaking process. Communeeti also works to build the bridge between thinking and doing by working on a think-and-act paradigm to not only devise policies but also drive their effective implementation.