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Centre for Sustainability

The Research Centre for Sustainability at Anant National University is a research-focused think/do tank created to investigate various indigenous forms of sustainable design and built habitat that have evolved during India’s ongoing transition into a prosperous market-based economy. We believe that in-depth research on specific indigenous planet-friendly design, products and housing in India is a field that is largely lacking. Many examples remain hidden in India’s informal economy or in regions that are not easily accessible, whereas they must be showcased and scaled up in India and in the world. To this end, our centre will have three specific tracks:

  • Indigenous Models of Circular Economy in India
  • Traditional practices in a modern context
  • Anant – a sustainable campus

Our approach rests on a solid foundation of rigorous evidence-based research, curation, and project implementation via stakeholder engagement and partnerships. Dispersion of ideas is via publications, digital media, and live interactions.