Click here to view the Vacant Quota Merit List for the Bachelor of Architecture programme for AY: 2023-2024 (7 seats).

To apply, send us your business idea and CV to
B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad

For individuals...

entrepreneurs and start-ups in affordable housing, real estate, design, property technology and climate change.

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Looking for...

innovative companies and start-ups that will be able to leverage the unique ecosystem provided by Anant National University and its partners.

B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad

To become...

sustainable and scalable ventures that will have revenue-generating products in the market

Programme Highlights

Support of subject matter experts at the University and its affiliate organisations

Support & guidance from industry mentors

Access to the University’s resources- libraries, office space & workshops

Access to a growing network of investors and investment community

Opportunity to engage with and hire Intrapreneurs from a large student body

Access to the University’s network of affiliate organisations

Support in administrative, marketing & outreach efforts

Access to Makerspace - a state of the art workshop equipped with a hi-tech digital manufacturing laboratory and an electronics workbench

Lectures on entrepreneurship, product development, finance, marketing, data analysis, market surveys and social media

Structured 1:1 mentoring sessions with experts

About the Programme

  • About the Programme

The Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) programme at Anant National University acknowledges the void in the Indian startup arena in affordable housing, building construction, research, real estate, design, prop tech and climate change and seeks to offer a solution.

The programme is best suited for entrepreneurs that need and can leverage the physical infrastructure such as the state of the art Makerspace, library, working spaces, extensive industry knowledge and the pool of faculty, researchers, and students available at Anant National University. Each year chosen Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to work with students, faculty and a Board of Mentors from the industry to refine their products and services and to take them to market. Entrepreneurs will have access to one of the best Makerspaces in the country in addition to office space and accommodation on Anant National University’s campus. The EIR programme has partnered with the Brigade REAP accelerator, to help the participants gain access to Brigade’s extensive network, ecosystem and funding options, via 1 on 1 mentorship sessions and workshops.

To apply send us your business idea and CV to

Programme Fee: ₹30,000/-

1 candidate can avail of a scholarship at the discretion of the Anant Centre for Sustainability.

EIR cohort of 2022-23

  • Angirus
  • Favo Robotics
  • Papaya

Project description: 

Angirus provides eco-friendly and sustainable technology to make bricks and paver blocks that are damp-proof and lightweight. Products are 100% made from recycled plastic waste and industrial waste.

Team Angirus: 

  • Kunjpreet Arora (Co-founder, Business, Angirus)
    Kunjpreet Arora (Co-founder, Business, Angirus)

  • Lokesh Puri Goswami (Co-founder, Product, Angirus)
    Lokesh Puri Goswami (Co-founder, Product, Angirus)


    Kunjpreet and Lokesh share the vision of recycled waste material bricks, ‘Wricks’, to provide a sustainable and clean technology to the brick industry and help India to solve the problem of waste management and air pollution.

Project description:

Favo Robotics aims to provide affordable collaborative robots that make construction automation accessible, increase productivity, improve the quality of work, and reduce the cost of construction. .

Team Favo Robotics:

  • Gaayatri Yarlagadda (COO, Favo Robotics)
    Gaayatri Yarlagadda (COO, Favo Robotics)

  • Shiva Bisne (CTO, Favo Robotics)
    Shiva Bisne (CTO, Favo Robotics)

  • Siri Chandana Vodela (CEO & Founder, Favo Robotics)
    Siri Chandana Vodela (CEO & Founder, Favo Robotics)


Shiva and Gaayatri are tech enthusiasts who aim to contribute to the advancement of the construction industry. Siri is a design enthusiast and likes to build things that are inspired by nature and add value to our daily lives.

Project description:

Papaya aims at finding concrete solutions to improve the menstrual experience of all women in India by developing quality, sustainable and empowering menstrual solutions.

Team Papaya:

  • Shagun Maheshwari (Co-Founder, Product, Papaya)
    Shagun Maheshwari (Co-Founder, Product, Papaya)

  • Suhani Jalota (Founder & CEO, NGO Myna Mahila Foundation, India)
    Suhani Jalota (Founder & CEO, NGO Myna Mahila Foundation, India)

  • Victoire Ambeza (Co-Founder & COO, Papaya)
    Victoire Ambeza (Co-Founder & COO, Papaya)


Victoire, Suhani and Shagun, a team of 3 women entrepreneurs from India and France, share a common passion for social innovation, gender equality and women’s health, and have been working in the field of menstrual health for more than five years.

Course Overview

  • Term 1
  • Term 2
  • Term 3
  • Term 4
  • Term 5

Venture classification as stage 1, 2 or 3 as per the venture’s business maturity. Focus of this term will be on getting the startups to the next stage by the end of the term. Supported by structured mentoring sessions.


Stages overview

Stage 1

  • Complete product idea
  • Addressable market
  • Financial projection


Stage 2

  • Complete product development with the help of EIR team, mentors and faculty.
  • Mapping addressable market size
  • Identification of delivery process
  • Products will get guidance from the maker space and manufacturers.


Stage 3:

  • Complete first prototype / service / mock up, depending on the venture’s business model.
  • Finish first draft of financial model and identify market processes.
  • Identify key stakeholders, potential mentors, investors, companies and collaborators.
  • Identify sources of funding relevant to the particular business model.
  • Identify any potential grants relevant to the particular business model.
  • Identify existing companies with which there are synergies or potential partnerships

Lectures, hackathon sessions and structured mentoring sessions.

Focused on development of the prototype and some lectures.

Develop the product further, introduce market strategies, and a few lectures.

Structuring of company and investment instruments

  • Investor pitch at other events
  • Media outreach
  • Investor pitch at AnantU on demo day

Meet the Team

  • Vivek Agarwal
    Mentor - Entrepreneurs in Residence and Visiting Faculty
    MBA, IESE Business School, Barcelona and Chartered Accountant
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  • Dr Miniya Chatterji
    Founding Director, Anant School for Climate Action;
    CEO, Sustain Labs Paris;

    Ph.D., SciencesPo
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  • Dhaval Monani
    Director of Affordable Housing, AnantU;
    Associate Professor, AnantU;
    MBA, IESE Business School, Barcelona
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