Student Life

Student Clubs provide opportunities for students to express their talent, skills and extracurricular interests. A number of clubs cater to diverse interests and serve as platforms for students to collaborate, enjoy and create something new.

Clubs at Anant

  • Dance Club
  • Music Club
  • Travel Club - ANURAAHI
  • Sports Club
  • Drama Club
  • Wall Street Club
  • Cooking Club

Dance Club

The Dance Club celebrates the performing arts of dance and encourages students to participate in inter-college dance events. The Dance Club is an integral part of all cultural fests and spearheads ‘Navratri’ celebration at the University, which organises garba workshops prior to the celebration.

Music Club

The Music Club aspires to cultivate an interest in various genres of music such as Western classical, Hindustani, Carnatic, Hip-hop, Jazz, Pop and several others. The club conducts workshops on music and invites students to explore their talent in cultural celebrations, college fests, events and other activities.

Travel Club – ANURAAHI

‘ANURAAHI’, the travel club, plans trips and activities for Anant students, that are both recreational and engaging. Club members visit historical places, seminars, conferences and exhibitions related to design and architecture.

Sports Club

The sports club provides a range of opportunities for students to engage in team sports and activities related to physical wellbeing. The club conducts interactive tournaments and aspires to inculcate qualities of sportsmanship, team spirit and develop life-long bonds amongst club members.

Drama Club

The drama club provides an opportunity for students to learn aspects of theatre. Activities include workshops such as ‘Theatre acting workshop’ and ‘Character building workshop’ as well as live performances. Club members regularly participate in Anant’s annual festival ‘Anushthan’.

The Wall Street club helps students become familiar with the basics of financial knowledge. The club hosts various talks from knowledgeable businessmen to facilitate this purpose.

The Cooking Club communicates the importance of healthy and balanced diet among the university’s staff and student fraternity. Club members explore and display their culinary talent at various intra-college events and also organises cooking workshops and community cooking activities to spread the love of food.

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