The Makerspace is a collaborative workshop area open to students, faculty and staff. The Makerspace is divided into separate areas for wood-working, metalworking, hand fabrication on plastics and workstations for clay and plaster of paris. The facility is equipped with a hi-tech digital manufacturing laboratory and an electronics workbench. The Makerspace team trains students in design and craft skills and empowers them with the ability to convert ideas into reality.

Makerspace was established to provide students with a facility where ideas can be converted into real products and artefacts. Students can make the following explorations in the Makerspace area:

  • Proof of concept prototypes
  • Experimental models
  • Art and fun articles
  • Exploration of materials outcomes
  • Full working models
  • Programmable and intelligent IoT enabled devices


Users of the Makerspace can work on wood, plastics and other materials like plaster, clay and to a limited extent on metals. The digital manufacturing capability includes 3d printing, laser cutting and etching, as well as a full 8’x4′ CNC routing. These and the electronics workbench equipped with a full set of Arduino boards and supported accessories and daughter boards with sensors and actuators make it possible to invent, create and tinker.