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Malav Parekh, a final-year product design student, created a transformative solution that addresses the challenges faced by individuals with long-duration desk jobs. Guided by mentor Parth Atulkumar Shah, the idea revolves around integrating a treadmill and work desk to create the ‘Walk-station’ – a product that promotes fitness and generates electricity. The idea stems from recognising that busy professionals find it difficult to take time out to exercise amidst demanding work schedules. The solution aims at providing a seamless and efficient way to incorporate physical activity into the work routine.

Meticulous research, design and engineering formed the walkstation. The student studied the needs and preferences of his target audience, identifying their desire for a convenient and time-effective solution. Design ergonomics derived from his research led to crafting a design that integrated a functional workstation with a treadmill, providing individuals with the opportunity to work and exercise simultaneously. To ensure sustainability and maximise the product’s impact, a dynamo is incorporated into the walk-station. As users engage in physical activity, the mechanical energy generated powers by walking the dynamo generator will convert it into usable electrical energy. The generated energy can save electricity by installing the 12v battery further attached to an AC to DC converter. This will also give users the flexibility to charge their mobile or laptop.
This innovative feature not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also reduces dependence on conventional power sources, contributing to a greener environment. The manufacturing process involved the material selection and collaboration with fabricators to ensure the wal-station’s quality, durability, and safety, resulting in a cohesive unit that combines form and function. This offers a new perspective on work and fitness, encouraging a healthier lifestyle while minimising environmental impact.