India's first DesignX university

Design is a way of thinking in a solution-driven way. Community, climate, built environment, fashion, craft, education, healthcare and infrastructure development offer immense possibilities for design thinkers and interventions.

Anant National University is the first DesignX University India which provides the best design courses to all creative aspirants.

In today’s world, the combination of DesignX with disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Analytics, Biomimicry, Sociology, Economics, Behavioural Science and Public Policy is imperative. Such a multidisciplinary approach to learning builds a comprehensive understanding of the world we live in and serves as an exponential force multiplier to ensure that designers continue to deliver innovative and impactful solutions to the challenges of the contemporary world.

At Anant, we mould designers who possess technical skills, a holistic understanding of the context and are also good communicators, collaborative workers and critical thinkers. Our pedagogy encourages students to build a revolutionary mindset and cultivate a habit of seeking solutions to local and global problems by applying knowledge of various domains to their designs.

Anant’s students are the designers of the future.


Stand apart from your


Create real-world solutions
through hands-on learning


Blend design with mordern
technologies to deliver
exponential value


Combine design with
multiple disciplines to create
sustainable solutions

DesignX university
DesignX university
DesignX university
DesignX university

Vision of Anant

To become one of the top universities in India by 2025, leading in the fields of DesignX, built habitat and sustainability, reputed for its Indian roots and global standing.

DesignX university


DesignX university

Built Habitat



Mission of Anant

To prepare and empower Solutionaries* who design, build and implement equitable and sustainable solutions for India and the world.


/səˈluːʃ(ə)nəri/noun DesignX university
a revolutionary thinker with a solution-oriented mindset

Philosophy of Anant

Anant philosophy presents DesignX as a solution to the challenges of humanity. It underlines the contribution of heart, head and hand as symbols of attitude, knowledge and skills towards making the solution elegant and sustainable.

Heart: This represents a meaningful engagement with issues that make us human and is reflected in activities, projects and initiatives related to sustainability, climate change, poverty alleviation, heritage conservation, rural livelihoods, etc.

Head: This represents a deep engagement with the cognitive component of DesignX reflected in extensive theoretical inputs through seminar courses besides on interdisciplinary approach to DesignX education.

Hand: This represents activities that are carried out by our hands and emphasises that idea that dirtying our hands is necessary to learn and grow. It is evidenced in activities at Makerspace, studio-based courses and in the institutional culture of learning by doing.

The Anant National University DesignX has taken steps to integrate the New Education Policy 2020 into the curriculum and pedagogy. Anant aspires to become a site for excellence by fostering interdisciplinary programmes building on its multidisciplinary course offerings. Anant aims to deliver an inclusive pedagogy that is socially engaged. The growth will be relevant, innovative and inspirational. Anant hopes to balance the role of conceptual and applied research in improving practice and making it contextual. DesignX University creates an educational curriculum that matches the latest design industry and its all requirements.

International Partners

Being a noted DesignX University, Anant has strong partnerships with leading institutes and universities around the world. These top institutions work with Anant to provide faculty and student exchange opportunities, and partner in joint research and curriculum innovation.

  • University of
  • University of
  • Boston Architectural College
  • Bezalel academy of
    arts and design
  • Arizona State
  • The Design
    Village India
  • Sustain Labs,
  • International Institute for the Inclusive Museum
  • UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums And Sustainable Heritage Development
  • UNESCO - UNITWIN Network on Tourism Culture and Development

DesignX university

The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) is one of the top private Ivy League research universities in the United States of America. The University has an exhaustive list of notable alumni and has affiliations with over 25 Nobel Laureates. UPenn has led various innovations in education, established the first university teaching hospital, and the first business school in the world.

Our partnership with UPenn will make Anant India’s top academic institution of global repute. The collaboration facilitates the DesignX and delivery of new innovative academic programmes at Anant and supports activities such as faculty exchange, student exchange, joint research programmes and creation of innovative course content. In the academic year 2018-19, Anant launched the course Master of Design – Integrated Product Design (M.Des.-IPD) in collaboration with UPenn.

DesignX university

The University of Miami is a private research university in the United States of America, with over 16,000 students from across the globe. The University, established in 1925, is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, and the discovery of new knowledge.

The School of Architecture (University of Miami) offers cutting-edge programmes with leading international faculty and our collaboration with the institute facilitates activities such as faculty exchange, student exchange, joint research programmes and creation of innovative course content. The Dean of School of Architecture, University of Miami, Dr Rodolphe el-Khoury, is a visiting faculty for the Anant Fellowship programme at Anant.

DesignX university

The university’s collaboration with the Boston Architectural College aims to encourage and strengthen academic partnerships; enhance and amplify educational programmes for mutual benefit; and foster cooperation between institutions, particularly in design disciplines.

The partnership will offer opportunities, including student and faculty exchange programmes; exchange of materials, publications, and information; joint organization of seminars, workshops, studios, lectures, exhibits, and conferences; development and delivery of cooperative or joint educational programmes and projects; and development of credit transfer and articulation agreements.

DesignX university

Established in 1906 by famous Israeli painter and sculptor Boris Schatz, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is an academic college of design and art located in Jerusalem, Israel. With over 2000 students studying towards undergraduate degrees and an outstanding faculty, dedicated to driving passion and creativity, the Bezalel Academy is one of the foremost art institutes of the 21st century. Bezalel’s strength stems from the numerous breakthroughs that it is responsible for and its unique ability to respond and adapt to cultural changes.

Our collaboration with the institute facilitates activities such as faculty exchange, student exchange, joint research programmes and creation of innovative course content.


Established in 1885, Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the largest public universities in the United States of America. The University is organised into 17 colleges, featuring more than 170 cross-discipline centres and institutes. ASU and Anant agree on the importance and usefulness of establishing cultural, scientific and didactic relationships, in order to assert and to consolidate the ties of friendship between the two institutions and countries.

ASU supports the creation of an incubation paradigm that addresses the needs and opportunities in built environment which is a focus area for Anant. ASU provides tight integration between Anant Fellowship curriculum, Live Action Project and incubation and collaborates with Anant teams to create the right framework for an incubator. ASU also facilitates partnerships with a range of complementary incubators to provide access to multiple opportunities.


The Design Village (TDV) was born out of responsibility towards design, society, India and the world, at large. Its mission is to be a global hub for design education and to promote and support development through design. TDV supports Anant in the design and delivery of new programmes and curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including the Anant Fellowship programme.

TDV facilitates activities such as faculty exchange, creation of innovative academic programmes and course content at Anant, student exchange programmes and the creation of joint academic teams to guide the implementation of best academic practices. In addition to this, TDV enhances student experiences at Anant through a mix of innovative classwork and co-curricular activities.


Sustain Labs Paris is an enterprise based in India, France, and New Zealand that turns around large organisations making them more sustainable. Sustain Labs has set up and established the Anant Centre for Sustainability at Anant, which is responsible for supporting research and curriculum development activities related to sustainability in undergraduate, postgraduate and fellowship programmes.

The enterprise establishes research partnerships and student and faculty exchange programmes with leading universities and institutions globally. They enhance the student experience at Anant through a mix of innovative classwork including research and practical problem solving for the real world. Dr Miniya Chatterji, CEO of Sustain Labs is Director, Anant Centre for Sustainability and Anant Fellowship for Climate Action, a globally-recognised fellowship in the field of climate change.


The International Institute for the Inclusive Museum (iiiM) promotes cultural democracy in the digital domain. It is a global network of researchers, practitioners and institutes committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through innovative approaches to culture in development. A distributed network of domains with hubs all over the world, this platform enhances constructive engagement with several knowledge communities and promotes a state of the art online research, learning and teaching systems through strategic collaboration with the Common Ground Research Networks.

iiiM fosters discursive crossings between the Global South and North. The iiiM started as the Pacific Asia Observatory for Cultural Diversity in Human Development, part of the Action Plan of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (2001). It has since evolved as a critical frame for addressing the SDGs / Agenda 2030; and the New Urban Agenda Habitat III 2016. The iiiM promotes academic excellence, communities of practice and professionalization of heritage sectors including benchmarking against the UNESCO Hard Law and Soft Law standard setting instruments.


The UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums and Sustainable Heritage Development is the first on Museums in the Asia Pacific region. It is second worldwide after Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. Serving as a think tank and bridge-builder between academia, civil society, local communities, research, and policy-making this Chair will promote and support the development of museum policies in the region. Designed to promote excellence and innovation, the Chair will establish new modes and modalities of locating culture in sustainable development. Anant through this facility will provide critical direction to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with a focus on the built environment and inclusive design. Moreover, it will establish a nexus of collaborations that will benefit institutions across the Asia Pacific region.

Professor Amareswar Galla is the designated Chair holder as Professor and Director of the International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership at Anant.


ICICL Anant is a Member of the Network. It is a worldwide system of cooperation between universities in the fields of culture, tourism and development. It promotes the concepts, principles and objectives of UNESCO incorporated in its documents of reference (Conventions of 1972, 2003 and 2005 especially, the Convention of Faro 27th October 2005, and closing texts in International Conferences – Stockholm, 1998, Johannesburg, 2001). The Network strives towards a better understanding of nature and the complex ties between tourism, culture and a sustainable development of territories; encouraging a responsible and ethical vision of tourism as a means of sustainable development of territories and enhancing cultural diversity; helping to develop strategies and projects which are environmentally sustainable, socially fair, sensible from a business point of view and with a cultural value; and getting expertise closer to the policy decision-makers to benefit populations, especially those in poverty.

The Network is constantly sharing educational experiences, continuing education and applied research to improve them, also through the use of information technologies. It provides educational modules and tools: data collecting, analyzing and processing through preparation, project management and assessment and online education. It promotes local cooperation through academic mobility, the partnership between cities, and supporting training programmes and exchanges, especially in the Southern countries. It sets up projects with multiple partnerships. The Network is internationally recognized and acknowledged by a brand of excellence.