Jobs on Campus

The ‘Jobs on Campus’ policy gives students the opportunity to experience the professional world by performing work important to the University. It provides students with experience and skills attractive to future employers and complements their academic credentials.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Students must be enrolled in one of the courses offered by the University.

  • Students must meet the necessary attendance requirements for their respective programme.

  • Students will be allowed one additional term, after graduation, to conclude pending assignments (related to the department they are working in). The request for extension must be approved in advance.

Process Followed

View job vacancy posters pinned on the bulletin board
Apply for the job with your resume
Eligible candidates are interviewed
Results are announced
Get to work

Wages and Work Hours

Working hours are decided to ensure students are able to manage their courseload alongside their jobs.

Work For

Hours / Month20-40

Rupees / Hour100-350

Job Categories

Student Testimonials

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Anant National University was established in 2016 as India’s first Design University, offering programmes in Design and Architecture. Before this, we were affiliated with Gujarat University and Gujarat Technological University from 2012 till 2016, offering courses such as Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Design in Interior Design and Bachelor of Planning.

Anant has tailored its design pedagogy from the perspective of offering solutions to challenges of the world. It focuses on design, architecture, built environment and climate as tools for problem-solving. It offers a host of options in terms of Majors and Minors that allow students to choose a specialisation and design their experience at the University. All first-year Anant students undergo a common foundation programme to instil in them an understanding of the fundamentals of design and architecture, develop skills to comprehend, interpret design elements and sensitise them to the real-world issues. Anant has academicians and domain experts as faculty members who bring to the table, the most cutting edge know-how to the table. Our international partners give the university a cosmopolitan character and encourage diversity of thoughts and experiences.

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