Statutory Compliances

  • Anti-Ragging
  • Grievance Redressal
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • Committee for Gender Equality
  • Committee for Disciplinary Violations (CDV)


Anant National University has adopted a zero-tolerance attitude towards ragging and prohibits any and all ragging on its campus and hostel. Students are alerted to ensure a ragging-free environment on campus and in the hostel. Any AnantU student found guilty of committing or abetting in any form of ragging shall face strict disciplinary action. This includes a possible debarring of such a student from enrolling in any institutions of higher learning in the country. All students enrolled at AnantU must follow the procedure below as an undertaking to said policy:

  • Students must visit this website and download the Anti-Ragging Affidavit (Undertaking).
  • Students should fill up the affidavit with relevant and up-to-date information.
  • After filling the form, they will receive two copies (one for parent and one for student) of the anti-ragging affidavit via e-mail. They are required to submit a printed and signed copy of both the affidavits to the Admissions Office at the earliest.


To learn more, please read The Anti-Ragging Policy


Anti-Ragging Committee 


Sr.No. Name Role Contact Details
1 Dr Anunaya Chaubey Provost ( Chair Person)
2 Prasoon Pandey Deputy Registrar
3 Jasmine Gohil Faculty Member 9879259819/
4 Archana Baghel Faculty Member 9727596223/
5 Hostel Warden
6 Yuvarajsinh Zala Non-teaching staff 7490048305 / 
7 Taha Lokhandwala Student 9724264052 /
8 B.D. Mehta Police Inspector- Bopal
9 Parent Representative
10 Niyati Rana Media Representative  98795 39149 / 
11 Nitin Tailor NGO Representative 9714534304 /  


Grievance Redressal

We care about the well-being of our students and employees and give our complete attention to all the grievances. Students may share their grievances with us by filling out the following form (Grievance Redressal Form) and submitting it to the office of the Dean of the concerned department/school. The employees may register their grievance by filling out the following form (Grievance Redressal Form) and submitting it to the office of the Registrar (

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Anant National University has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, which is widely condemned as a form of human rights violation. This form of harassment is an infringement on life and liberty and a grave form of gender-based discrimination. Sexual harassment at any level is a punishable offence. As per the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, an Internal Complaints Committee has been constituted. For any complaints, you may contact any member of the committee.

View Government of India’s Handbook on Sexual Harassment (Weblink)

Sr. No. Name Role Contact Details
1 Jasmine Gohil Senior Faculty (Chairperson)  9879259819/
2 Rupa Singh Faculty Member 9662763711/
3 Archana Baghel Faculty Member 9727596223/
4 Jigisha Patel Non-Teaching Member 8141888371/
5 Yuvarajsinh Zala Non-Teaching Member 7490048305/
6 Sanjana Ballal Student (Female)  Representative ( UG)  9990955202/
7 Nishad Shirodkar Student (Male) Representative (UG) 8208482604/
8 Garima Kumari Student representative (Fellowship)  9818992350/
9 Prasoon Pandey Registrar Nominee- Member Secretary  8800881345/


Committee for Gender Equality

Anant National University is committed to creating a supportive environment for all genders. To achieve this goal, AnantU has formed a committee to ensure that all students, members of staff and faculty feel included without any bias based on gender. Policies and guidelines on gender equality apply to all members of the University. The committee for gender equality presides over matters/initiatives related to sexual harassment policy, employment policies, gender-sensitisation of faculty, staff and students, review of educational content and pedagogy, professional mentoring and facilitating an inclusive infrastructure within the University.

Sr. No.  Name Role  Contact Detail
1 Rupa Singh Chair Person 9662763711/ 
2 Archna Baghel  Faculty Member  972759819/ 
3 Roshini Nair  Staff  9969369881/ 
4 Yogendra Singh  Staff  7597131393/ 
5 Nishad Shirodkar Student  8208482604/ 
6 Garima Kumari Student  9818992350/
7 Sanjna Ballal Student  9990955202/
8 Representative from Student Services Staff (Student Services )  9820700036/ 

Committee for Disciplinary Violations (CDV)

Anant National University is committed to providing an empowering, stimulating, safe and supportive learning environment to its students. By choosing to become a member of this community, students affirm their commitment to its philosophy, ethos and values, and understand the responsibility placed upon them. The University expects all admitted students to co-operate in this endeavour and has instituted several rules and regulations that define actions and behaviour which hamper our purpose and commitment. The University may initiate disciplinary action in the event of any breach or violation of these rules and regulations.

Sr.No Name  Role  Contact Detail 
1 Jasmine Gohil Chairperson 9879259819/ 
2 Prasoon Pandey Registrar’s Nominee-Member Secretary 8800881345/
3 Ashima Banker  Member 9925272773/ 
4 Dr Abhishek Kumar Member 9489683091/
5 Yuvarajsinh Zala Member  7490048305/  
6 Ravinder Kaur  Member  9974339797/ 
7 Garima Kumari Student Representative   9818992350/
8 Nancy Thakkar Student Representative   9427110358/
9 Priyal Joshi Student Representative   9428083343/
10 Pranjali Desai Student Representative   6375-204118/  


Proforma for Submission of Information to UGC by State Private Universities for ascertaining their norms and standards. Submitted by Anant National University to University Grants Commission.

To view this proforma please click here.