Design student creates ‘Walk-station,’ an innovation addressing the challenges of busy professionals with desk jobs, offering a convenient solution to work and exercise simultaneously. Read here

Focus Areas

    The Centre’s course curriculum will focus on interdisciplinarity thus enabling students to draw on perspectives from aesthetics, philosophy, feminism and gender theories, post-colonial theories, theories of identity, globalization, and new technologies.

    Students will be introduced to a wide range of media extending across contemporary studio art practice – including digital media and performative practices as interrelated components – along with instruction in the tools and techniques necessary for the production of art while enhancing their creative, critical and analytic voice.

    The emphasis on research and inquiry in the courses at the Centre will be towards teaching students to look at the world, and reflect on its complex systems through ‘seeing’ and close attention to how meaning is assigned, organised and evaluated.

    The language of visual form will be introduced through a variety of domain-specific project prompts, each with specific materials to explore. This engagement with the language of form and composition is fundamental not only to the discourse of visual arts but also to architecture and design.

    Through the knowledge and skills developed at the Centre, students will not only be well versed in the language of forms, materials and technologies but also concepts and values in creating art and thinking through processes.

Centre Team