Centre for Visual Arts

The Centre for Visual Arts at Anant, is housed within the School of Creative Practices and Entrepreneurship (SCoPE). It focuses on the role of visuality within creative education through practice and research. The Centre emphasises on developing a student’s vision irrespective of their chosen major.

Programme offered: Bachelor of Visual Arts

Bachelor of Visual Arts

The four-year undergraduate programme trains our students in creative practice and critical thinking through an interdisciplinary art curriculum. It emphasises fundamental principles of visual arts, material exploration and development of artistic and thematic contextualisation. Drawing knowledge from various traditional arts, crafts and contemporary practices, students explore the transformative potential of visual arts.


• Painting
• Sculpture
• Multimedia


Key Courses
• Visual Thinking Studio
• Fundamentals of Visual Art
• History of Ideas
• World Culture and Civilization
• History of Art
• Philosophy of Art
• History of New Media
• Contemporary Critical Theory

Centre Team