Anant National University (AnantU), a leading design university in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is excited to host TEDxAnantU, an independent event licensed under TED. Themed on ‘Restore, Reach Out and Rejunevate’, the ethos that AnantU abides by, the event aims to bring together experts, practitioners and driven individuals to share ideas that will help youth to adapt to the ever-changing world.

Event Highlights

TEDxAnantU brought together experts, practitioners and inspirational thought leaders to share ideas, encouraging the youth to adapt to an ever-changing world. The event comprised talks by experts like Dr Benny Kuriakose (award-winning architectural consultant), Aparna Piramal Raje (renowned author & columnist), Hetal Shrivastav (Founder, RaasLeela Textile), Gurashish Sahni (Co-founder, ReCircle) and Khushi Jhankaria (design student and multi-instrumentalist). The day concluded with an enthralling kathak performance led by artist Vaishnavi Vakil.

Here are a few talking points from the event

“Technologies used in the built environment have impacted the climate negatively. The solution lies not in mindless copying of vernacular or western architecture styles, but building knowledge, harnessing and adapting it. The key to sustainability lies in the reinterpretation of vernacular architecture with sensible usage of modern techniques”, said Dr Benny Kuriakose during his TEDxAnantU talk on Sustainable Architecture.

“Surveys have shown that one third of the millennials would make sustainable choices and pick sustainable products despite it costing more. We must go beyond talking about sustainability. The time is here to take action”, said Gurashish Sahni during his talk on titled ‘Redesigning World for Sustainability’.

“Language of empathy, trust and vulnerability is the best cure for mental health. How one views mental health is reflected in the language s/he chooses. They can choose to speak the language of stigma and difference or the one that heals and liberates. The strength lies in the words one chooses, and the dialogue one has with self”, said Aparna Piramal Raje during her talk on Mental Health.

“Craft in need of help is the failure of design intervention. Our craftsmen know their work. What they need is the right direction. As designers we must help them get their dues, introduce their craft in the market, give them livelihood and empower them”, Said Hetal Shrivastav during her talk on sustainable fashion.

Event Glimpses

TEDx AnantU Themes




Reach-Out: A call for like-minded solutionaries and thinkers to come together, collaborate, create solutions and inspire others to create a better tomorrow.

Restore: Ever-looming challenges such as the climate crisis call for adopting sustainable choices while recognising the lost heritage, restoring and conserving them!

Rejuvenate: Let's recognise and celebrate the innovations and breakthroughs made despite the challenges, including the pandemic and climate crisis. Let's ignite the desire to march into a better tomorrow, driven by design and entrepreneurship!

Event Details

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Event Location

The TedX event will be held on the Anant National University Campus.

Located amidst the green pastures beside a picturesque lake, Anant National university is vibrant with students across the country and the globe, with world-class infrastructural facilities coupled with scenic beauty and art.

The Multi-Purpose Hall, situated inside the campus with a seating capacity of 200 people, will be the venue for the main event.

TEDx AnantU Speakers

Benny Kuriakose

Benny Kuriakose
Benny Kuriakose is an award-winning expert in sustainable architecture and climate responsive design. Consultant for UNDP, UNESCO and various state governments, he is well known for working with natural materials such as timber, stone and brick. Recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust Award, his strict adherence to the universal principles of architecture can be found in projects, including the Dakshinachitra project, rehabilitation of disaster sites at Nagapattinam, Bhuj and the Heritage Project at Muziris in Kerala.

Aparna Piramal Raje

Aparna Piramal Raje
Aparna Piramal Raje is a columnist and writer on business, design, leadership, workplaces and mental health. An alumna of the University of Oxford and Harvard Business School, she has authored many books, including Working Out of the Box: 40 stories of leading CEOs. She has written extensively on urbanization, stories featuring global thinkers and solutions to urban challenges. She has recently authored a book called “Chemical Khichdi” where she talks about her struggles and acceptance of mental health.

Aparna Piramal Raje
Hetal Srivastav 

Hetal Srivastav 
Hetal Srivastav is a fashion designer and an alumna of NIFT Gandhinagar. She focuses on uplifting the working female artisans and believes in indigenous techniques for garment making. Her brainchild, Rasleela Textile, is an all-women artisan-designer brand that creates one-of-a-kind pieces with a unique story using traditional crafts and techniques. She is the recipient of the ‘Best use of traditional skills into contemporary styling’ award.

Gurashish Sahni

Gurashish Sahni
Gurashish Sahni is the co-founder and COO of Recircle, a resource recovery enterprise in Mumbai. He is responsible for creating a nationwide network of waste management centres in India. Working towards a vision of diverting as less waste as possible to landfills, the enterprise has successfully prevented 9000+ tonnes of waste from entering the ocean. This foundation has scaled up its presence to 102 cities, towns and villages and 150+ resource partners across India.

Gurashish Sahni