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Anant National University was established in 2016 as India’s first Design University, offering programmes in Design and Architecture. Before this, we were affiliated with Gujarat University and Gujarat Technological University from 2012 till 2016, offering courses such as Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Design in Interior Design and Bachelor of Planning.

AICTE’s approval is not required for private universities and hence their provisions do not apply to us.

Anant has tailored its design pedagogy from the perspective of offering solutions to challenges of the world. It focuses on design, architecture, built environment and climate as tools for problem-solving. It offers a host of options in terms of Majors and Minors that allow students to choose a specialisation and design their experience at the University. All first-year Anant students undergo a common foundation programme to instil in them an understanding of the fundamentals of design and architecture, develop skills to comprehend, interpret design elements and sensitise them to the real-world issues. Anant has academicians and domain experts as faculty members who bring to the table, the most cutting edge know-how to the table. Our international partners give the university a cosmopolitan character and encourage diversity of thoughts and experiences.

We have close to 720 students on campus enrolled in programmes such as BDes, BArch, MDes and Anant Fellowship

Yes. Anant National University is established as a State Private University under Gujarat Private Universities (Amendment) Act 2016 and is authorised to award degrees as specified by University Grants Commission (UGC) under Section 22 of the UGC Act. This list includes B.Des., B.Arch. and M.Des. degrees, which are offered by us.

We have close to 40 full-time faculty members and nearly 50 adjunct and visiting faculty members teaching various courses at Anant.

For AY 2020 -21 :

Rs. 2,45,000/- per annum is the Tuition Fee for B.Des.
Rs. 88,000/- per annum is the Tuition fee for B.Arch.
Rs. 2,50,000/- per annum is the Tuition fee for M.Des.
Rs. 1,75,000/- per annum is the Hostel Fee which includes food expenses.

Tuition Fee & Hostel Charges are subject to revision

The University has close ties with many foreign universities and present opportunities for exchange programmes. Additionally, students go on study tours, after which they present their findings in an exhibition format. The University also organises day trips and overnight tours to industrial areas, design villages and small-scale entrepreneurial workshops as part of the learning process.

The University helps students from drafting resumes to connecting them with the right company. It maintains a database of all the recruiter companies.

AnantU Placement model is a four-stage process involving 

  • Pre-placement activities

  • Career Guidance

  • Executing Placement 

  • Post-placement reviews

Students found internship opportunities in organisations such as Larsen &Tubro; Tata Consultancy Services; Frontier1990; Common Ground Practice, Josmo, WeHear, Design Dhanush, UX Reactor, 99 studio, Venus, Detales Design Interior Studio, XH2O, S3M Industrial Design, The Ahmedabad Projects, Studio Anecdote by Nehaal Kinariwala, MG Designs to name a few.

Some of our graduates and Fellows have been placed in the following companies:

  • Lodha Group
  • Piramal Group
  • QCI
  • Common Ground practice
  • INI Design Studio
  • HCP Design, Planning & Management Pvt. Ltd.
  • Earth Foundation
  • Blocher Blocher India pvt. Ltd.
  • Open Spaces Design Studio
  • Biome Environmental Solutions
  • Shriram Properties
  • WRI
  • Anthill Creations
  • Homes in the City
  • Intach
  • Apoorva Amin Architects
  • UX Reactor