Nisar Momin

Assistant Professor
Master of Fine Arts,
Cambridge School of Art

Nisar Momin pursued his postgraduation in Visual Arts from M.S University and Fine Arts from the Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

During his journey at the universities, Nisar gained an in-depth knowledge of the interdisciplinary world of fine arts, architecture, performing arts, music and liberal arts, and explored their connections with each other. An expert in sculptures, Nisar gives equal importance to both, the linear tradition of craftsmanship and purely modernist ideas, and is continuously researching the exchange between both matters in his works.

The experience of ‘making’ with materials and the independent discourse that particular artwork or product assumes after its creation fascinates Nisar. He believes that this process reveals dynamic learning about material and concept, which encourages him to experiment more and share with his students. New pedagogical implications interest Nisar and he encourages students to adopt an optimistic approach to learning new things.

Nisar Momin is an Assistant Professor at Anant National University.