International Design Workshops

The Centre facilitated the university collaboration as an education partner with the design festival, Bengaluru ByDesign for two consecutive years, 2018 and 2019, which curates design thinking, innovation and sustainability through creative events. AnantU collaboration has led the participation of students in a design challenge and chair making competition at the 2018 edition. The collaboration has also led to bring the CEO of JamFactory, Brian Parkes, to conduct design workshop with students and the display of Japan foundation travelling exhibition at AnantU. The second-year collaboration has brought leading international designers and architect to AnantU to conduct intensive workshops for students.
  • Brian Parkes
  • Jakub Szczesny
  • Vitek Skop
  • Lucy Sanderson
  • Kate Keara Pelen
  • Exhibition: An Alternative Guide to Japan
Brian Talks

Brian Parkes, CEO, JamFactory, and former Associate Director, Australian Design Centre, conducted a half-day workshop on ‘designing for purpose through craft-based production’ for the students of MDes-IPD at AnantU. He later delivered an insightful lecture, ‘Designing Craft, Crafting Design’, for our undergraduate students.

Jakub Szczesny, a well-known architect who teaches ‘design of public spaces’ in various universities across the world, visited AnantU and held a workshop on ‘Ways of Being an Architect.’ The discussion was based on the theme of the uncertain status of an architect today. He questioned the different roles an architect undertakes in the contemporary world, specifically in societies with big economies and cultural dynamics.

Vitek Skop, a visual designer from Europe who has specialised in visual communications and identity, visited AnantU to conduct an interactive workshop on Design Thinking in Augmented Reality.

Lucy Sanderson, a multidisciplinary designer and a Somerset House Studios resident based in London, conducted a workshop on ‘Negotiating Space as a Woman’ at AnantU. It explored archetypical behaviours in design, materiality, equality and gendered objects. The aim of this workshop was to generate insightful discussions within the overlap of design and feminism by bringing equality to the forefront.

Kate Keara Pelen, a London based artist, maker, curator and community organiser, conducted a workshop on ‘Conceptualising the Sustainable Exhibition’ at AnantU.

The workshop introduced students to 5 different elements of exhibition production: selection and curation; spatial design, build and install; interpretation and audience engagement; graphic design and identity; communications and promotion. The main focus of the workshop was to know the nuances of setting an exhibition in a sustainable manner.

The Bengaluru ByDesign collaboration in 2018 brought students’ participation in a design challenge, which culminated in a presentation of their furniture model at the design competition. The collaboration has also brought CEO of Jam Factory, Australia, to conduct workshops for students and the display of Japanese travelling exhibition. The unique exhibition by Japan Foundation brings 80 examples of Japanese buildings, civil engineering projects and landscapes, etc., from the perspective of built environments through engaging photographs, text and video images.

The Japan Foundation conducts “The Travelling Exhibitions Programme” to exhibit Japanese arts and culture globally. “Built Environment: An Alternative Guide to Japan” is one such exhibition portrays various regions of the country that is geographically diverse and often struck by natural disasters, with the aim of examining how Japanese people have engaged and struggled with the natural environment and how they have carried on and created locality.

  • Faculty Connect

As a part of AnantU’s faculty connect series, the Centre has conducted two-session workshops, which gave out practical tips to write an academic journal article and peer review academic papers. These research methodology sessions were led by Dr. Miniya Chatterji, Director of Centre for Sustainability and Dr. Sonam Mansukhani, faculty at AnantU.

Waste Management Workshops

The Centre for Sustainability organises waste management workshops periodically for their students and staff to release the magnitude of waste problems. The interactive workshops are led by industry experts focusing on waste management concepts, technological innovations, and community sensitisation activities.
  • Uttam Banerjee
  • Aditya Shukla
  • Sandeep Kumar
  • Hanif Kureshi

Ekam Eco is a company that designs and develops products related to ecological sanitation and sustainable living. This workshop was conducted with the guidance of Mr Uttam Banerjee the CEO of Ekam Eco.

Saltech Design Labs is a pioneering organization in the field of plastic recycling field with a strong research focus on developing building materials from traditionally discarded waste. This workshop was conducted with the guidance of Mr Aditya Shukla, founder and CEO of Saltech Design Labs

A collaborative workshop led by the masters’ students of Sciences Po, Paris, and Anant National University under the subject-matter expert, Mr Sandeep Kumar, Nepra Resource management

A collaborative art workshop led by the masters’ students of Sciences Po, Paris, and Anant National University under the subject-matter expert, Mr Hanif Kureshi, Director and Co-founder of St+art India Foundation

  • Summer School

AnantU sent four of its brilliant students for a week-long summer school programme on Development, Sustainability, and Globalisation with Schola Empirica in Prague after a rigorous selection process. AnantU offered a grant to these future pioneers in social and environmental sustainability that covered their programme fees. The programme provided students with a deeper understanding of development challenges by addressing the set of political, economic, technological and environmental aspects related to development cooperation. Student testimonials showed that the program was beneficial.