Dr Naga Chaitanya Kavuri

Assistant Professor, School of Climate Action
PhD, National Institute of Technology

Dr Naga Chaitanya Kavuri’s academic journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a passion for environmental engineering. A PhD from the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, his research has led to ground-breaking advancements in understanding ambient aerosols, particularly in industrial areas. Dr Kavuri’s significant achievements include pioneering work in source apportionment and forecasting ambient aerosols, as well as extensive contributions to publications in reputable journals. His leadership in managing research projects and mentoring undergraduate students underscores his commitment to academic excellence and the advancement of environmental science.


Dr Kavuri’s research methodology integrates mathematical modelling, experimental studies and data analysis techniques, allowing for comprehensive insights into environmental phenomena. With a pedagogical approach rooted in mentorship and hands-on learning, he fosters an environment of academic excellence and innovation. His commitment to sustainable practices underscores his dedication to finding practical solutions to environmental challenges, making him a valuable resource in environmental engineering.


At Anant, Dr Kavuri is deeply involved in teaching BTech students about Climate Technology. He also actively contributes to the development of research laboratories for the Anant School of Climate Action programme. He wishes to continue his research endeavours while nurturing a spirit of curiosity and innovation among students. He also hopes to inspire them to become good researchers and successful entrepreneurs, contributing meaningfully to the field of climate technology.


Dr Kavuri has a mix of academic and real-world experience. Before joining Anant, he worked as Associate Dean at K L University, where he helped set up systems to manage waste effectively, leading to the university winning awards for being clean and green. As an Assistant Professor there, he published many research papers and built connections with industries for student internships. He also founded and led companies like Ishavasya Solutions Pvt Ltd and worked as a COO at Arthashastra Intelligence Data Bases Pvt Ltd, showing his ability to turn research ideas into practical solutions. His varied experiences show his dedication to finding new and useful ways to solve problems.


Beyond academia, Dr Kavuri finds solace and excitement in long rides on his bike, having once conquered the East Coastal Line spanning 1,500 km. A passionate badminton player, he enjoys the thrill of the game. He is also a fervent explorer of nature, finding joy in discovering the beauty and serenity of the natural world.