Ram Vaidyanathan

Head of Environmental Sustainability, Godrej Group, India

Ram holds the position of Head – Environmental Sustainability at Godrej Industries Ltd and Associate Companies. He currently leads the sustainability
strategy for the Godrej Group’s Good & Green Programme. Vaidyanathan is a
dedicated clean energy and environment professional with a deep-rooted vision to make a positive impact on the planet. With over a decade of experience in the environment, energy, and water sector, Vaidyanathan has held diverse roles spanning regulatory/policy, process engineering, operations,
strategy advisory, business development, and product management. Prior to joining the Godrej Group, Vaidyanathan served as the CEO of WiSH Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd., showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership capabilities. He also held significant positions such as Senior Manager of Clean Energy and Environmental Practice at Enzen, Senior Manager of Environment, Health and Safety at PI Industries Ltd., and Senior Environmental Health Executive at the National Environmental Agency,
Singapore. Vaidyanathan’s expertise extends beyond his professional
accomplishments. He has contributed to publications such as “Establishment of New Regulatory Framework for Quality of Piped Drinking Water – Singapore’s Experience” in the IWA Water Science Journal and “Piped Drinking Water Sampling Plans for Small Water Systems in Singapore” at the
Singapore International Water Week 2010. Furthermore, he has taught
courses in Air Quality Management and Aquatic Chemistry at Stanford
University, as well as Consumer Behaviour at the Indian School of Business. Vaidyanathan’s multifaceted background, combining his expertise in environmental sustainability with his diverse personal interests, showcases his dedication to making a positive impact on the planet while embracing a well-rounded and fulfilling life.