Sai Parameswaran


Sai Parameswaran S works directly with tribal communities in India, teaching and supporting tribal communities to make them more climate-resilient. For the past 3 years, he manages the Climate Change Desk at the LAYA Resource Centre, a leading resource centre for Adivasi communities in Andhra Pradesh. One of his roles here is to do research and field-based studies on climate change and agriculture. He has also researched agriculture management practices and climate change at AfriAsia Outsourcing Services Private Limited before this. Sai Parameswaran S has a Master’s of Arts in Natural Resources and Governance from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). His dissertation was on the topic, “Landscape Restoration and Climate Change Adaptation”. He conducted qualitative and quantitative research using PRA tools (social mapping, resource listing, transect walk, impact chart) for his study on climate change mitigation using landscape restoration. He also worked at GramaNiketan, an NGO, teaching faculty in the Centre for Academic Research (CARe), which is a wing of “Grama Niketan”. He also edited, wrote and proofread books published by SmilingUnicorn, the publishing group for CARe. He enjoys reading, writing, travelling, cycling and painting.