Elisa Vallette


Elisa Vallette, who has a Master’s degree in Governance,Development and Public Policy from the University of Sussex, IDS (2019), has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Development from the McGill University, Montreal (2015). She has worked as a Project Manager at Earth5R in Mumbai (September-December 2018) and has interned at Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin, Germany (February to May 2019) and with the NGO Nexos Comunitarios, Urubamba, Peru (May-June 2017). Elisa received the first prize at IDPCC International development policy case competition (2018) and represented Malaysia in the UNESCO Committee at Reims International Model United Nations where she participated in the debates, gained the confidence to speak up in public, and negotiate. She also gained a deeper understanding of complex international relations dynamics and global socio-economic and political issues. Elisa was a young ambassador at UNICEF in 2015.