Design student creates ‘Walk-station,’ an innovation addressing the challenges of busy professionals with desk jobs, offering a convenient solution to work and exercise simultaneously. Read here

  • Dr Anunaya Chaubey
    Director, Anant Fellowship;
    Ph.D. in English Literature, Patna University;
    Salzburg Global Fellow
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  • Dr Amareswar Galla
    Professor and Director,ICICL;
    Ph.D., Australian National University;
    UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums & Sustainable Heritage Development;
    Salzburg Global Fellow
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  • Amitabh Pandey
    Professor and Head, Communication Design;
    Master's in Communication Design,
    NID Ahmedabad
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  • Dr Ashima Sood
    Associate Professor and Co-Director, CUCE; Ph.D. in Economics,
    Cornell University
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  • Bhaskar Bhatt
    Associate Professor and Director, School of Design;
    M.Des. in Industrial Design,
    National Institute of Design
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  • Dr Dhara Thakore
    Centre Head, Aarambh Incubation Centre
    Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi
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  • Dr Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar
    Associate Professor;
    Ph.D., Oxford Brookes University (UK) /UTM Mauritius
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  • Jasmine Gohil
    Professor and Associate Dean, Academic Affairs;
    Master's in Urban Planning,
    Bhaikaka Center for Human Settlement, APIED
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  • Milind Chitale
    Associate Professor and Director, Makerspace;
    M.Des. in Industrial Design,
    Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay
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  • Dr Miniya Chatterji
    Founding Director, Anant School for Climate Action;
    CEO, Sustain Labs Paris;

    Ph.D., SciencesPo
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  • Risha Roy
    Assistant Professor and Lead, Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design;
    M.Des. in Textile Design,
    National Institute of Design
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  • Snehal Nagarsheth
    Professor and Dean, School of Architecture;
    Master of Urban Design,
    CEPT University
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  • Sharmila Sagara
    Associate Professor;
    Master's in Sculpture,
    Maharaja Sayajirao University
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  • Dr Subhalaxmi Mohapatra
    Associate Professor & Co-Director, CUCE;
    Ph.D. in Health Economics,
    Utkal University, Orissa
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  • Syed Tauseef Hussain
    Senior Manager, IT View profile
  • Vijayendra Singh Sekhon
    Associate Professor and Lead, Interaction Design;
    Masters of Professional Studies - Interactive Telecommunications Program,
    Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
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  • Yuvarajsinh Zala
    Chief Finance and Accounts Officer,
    Head, HR and Administration;
    FCA, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
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