Risha Roy

Assistant Professor;
M.Des. in Textile Design,
National Institute of Design

Risha Roy pursued her undergraduate studies from National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and postgraduate studies in Textile Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

For over a decade Professor Roy has actively pursued several roles such as design practitioner and educator, entrepreneur and an academic. She teaches courses such as Design Skill, Design Theory and Elements of Design 2D & 3D to undergraduate students at a Foundation-level at Anant National University. Her courses cover a range of topics such as Drawing, Colour Theory, Elements of Design 2D & 3D, Basic Material, Design & Environment, Rural Exposure & Documentation and History of Design.

Professor Roy has conducted extensive research in the study of sustainable traditions and practices, exploring possibilities and solutions for a sustainable future.

Risha Roy is an Assistant Professor at Anant National University.