Design student creates ‘Walk-station,’ an innovation addressing the challenges of busy professionals with desk jobs, offering a convenient solution to work and exercise simultaneously. Read here

About Makerspace

Makerspace was established to provide students with a facility where ideas can be converted into real products and artefacts. Students can make the following explorations in the Makerspace area:

  • Proof of concept prototypes
  • Experimental models
  • Art and fun articles
  • Exploration of materials outcomes
  • Full working models
  • Programmable and intelligent IoT enabled devices


Users of the Makerspace can work on wood, plastics and other materials like plaster, clay and to a limited extent on metals. The digital manufacturing capability includes 3d printing, laser cutting and etching, as well as a full 8’x4′ CNC routing. These and the electronics workbench equipped with a full set of Arduino boards and supported accessories and daughter boards with sensors and actuators make it possible to invent, create and tinker.

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