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Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Design at Anant National University is a four-year, full-time programme with specialisations in Fashion and Textile Design, Product Design, Space Design, Interaction Design, Communication Design, Environmental Design and Transdisciplinary Design.  In addition to core and specialisation courses, students will get to choose from a variety of electives.

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All students, regardless of specialisation,  take a robust set of foundation courses in the first year and advanced core courses in the later years, such as the following:

  • Unlearning and Orientation
  • Introduction to Design Process Workshop
  • Settlement documentation
  • Elements of Design
  • Design Theory and Methods
  • Exploring Design Disciplines
  • Visualisation & Representation
  • Written & Verbal Communication
  • Framing a Design Problem Studio
  • Ethnography
  • World and Design
  • World and India
  • Conflicting concerns
  • Context mapping
  • Human-centric design
  • Inspirations
  • Giving back
  • Group travel and solo explorations
  • Conceptualising/Developing Solutions Studio
  • Complex Design Problems Studio
  • Design Detail & Execution Studio
  • Internship
  • Research Thesis Course


Bachelor of Design –Interaction design

Interaction design focuses on understanding the users, their interaction with products and how this experience  can be enhanced.  The Bachelor of Design – Interaction design programme at AnantU exposes and trains students to design and develop interactive digital products, environments, systems and services required to solve contemporary challenges. Students will be equipped with design and visualisation tools that will help them envision and detail their imagination. During their duration of study, students of BDes – Interaction design will take core courses such as:

  • Material and Manufacturing
  • UX (Empathy Maps/Experience Maps)
  • Creative Coding (Open Frameworks/Processing)
  • Physical Computing (Arduino/IoT/Microcontrollers)
  • Experimental Animation
  • Game Design
  • Interface design and devices
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Basic Colour Theory
  • Interaction Capstone Course, Submission and Thesis

Bachelor of Design – Product design

The Bachelor of Design – Product design programme at AnantU trains students to design products that meet the real time needs of people. It emphasises on aesthetic appeal along with technical functionality to enable students to create products that sell well and also satisfy industry needs. The coursework of Product design thus focuses on developing commercial awareness, ability to innovate, understanding consumer behaviour and studying technological trends,  by exposing students to a range of technologies including computer-aided design, 3-D printing, and electronics at our studios and workshops. During their duration of study, students of BDes – Product design will take core courses such as:

  • Material Study
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Form Studies
  • User experience design
  • Product Ergonomics
  • Mock-up Studies (prototyping)
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Basic colour theory
  • Product Capstone Course, Submission and Thesis

Bachelor of Design – Space design

Anant National University offers Bachelor of Design – Space design  programme that combines design concepts with practical application to produce high calibre Interior designers. Students explore both traditional and international design approaches, and critically evaluate their applicability in the contemporary context. In the process, they gain an in-depth understanding of design analysis, space planning, aesthetics, new materials, and applications, required for designing state-of-the-art spaces that serve as an interface between the physical environment and its occupants. During their duration of study, students of BDes – Space design will take core courses such as:

  • Visualising space
  • Construction Materials
  • Anthropometrics
  • Technical Representation Drawing
  • Introduction to Software
  • Furniture Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Environment Perceptions
  • Services
  • Basic colour theory

Bachelor of Design – Communication design

Communication Design at AnantU is a four-year full-time undergraduate programme that incorporates the principles of visual communication and dynamic interactions. It prepares students to work across a range of domains and industries, including graphic design, advertising, branding and illustration consultancies, as well as design and communication units within corporate, government and non-government organisations. During their duration of study, students of BDes – Communication design will take core courses such as:

  • Design Context
  • Design Studio
  • Thinking Visually
  • Introduction to Typography
  • Data Visualisation
  • Type Generations
  • Typographic Systems
  • Message, Meaning, Media
  • Packaging and Branding

Bachelor of Design – Environmental design

Environmental design is the process of addressing surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programmes, policies, buildings, or products. Bachelor of Design – Environmental Design at AnantU is an interdisciplinary programme that brings together philosophies of architecture, interior design, human interaction, urban planning, environmental science, geography, climatology, eco-movement, and sustainability. Students develop an understanding of how design impacts society and the environment, how the making of space can affect cultural change, and how socially and ecologically sustainable alternative constructs can be envisioned. The courses offered will be strongly rooted in the principles of design thinking, innovation, sustainability and built environment.

  • Design Context
  • Spatial Environment Design
  • Modelling for Spatial Projects
  • Design Systems and Planning
  • System and Documentation
  • Emerging Design Technologies
  • Social Enterprise
  • Design, Media and Representation
  • Material Systems
  • Technology and Technique
  • Environment and Urban Form

Bachelor of Design – Fashion and Textile design


The Fashion and Textile Design programme at AnantU combines the principles of fashion, textile, and technology to impart comprehensive fashion education. By employing design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies, where you explore form, silhouette, material, and process — including social and environmental imperatives — students will be able to create innovative, beautiful, sustainable, and responsible fashion for the global market. The courses offered under this programme will be anchored on the concepts of sustainable fashion, conscious fashion, compassionate fashion, circular fashion and green strategy.

Bachelor of Design – Transdisciplinary design

Students may even opt for a transdisciplinary degree where they choose courses from across all the other specialisations.