Bachelor of Design (Moving Image)


The modern community of the globe insists on an interdisciplinary approach and sensibility while collaborating and communicating —generate values of multiple sorts. Moving Image Course cultivates a storyteller to gear up with techniques and tools for the integration of live action, animation, motion graphics, sound, photography, augmentations, and virtual interactions to create values and mark a sense of sustainability.

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For Individuals...

Who looks for a profession with divergent media domains and developing a sense of critical and analytical aspects to deliver the solution in a complex ecosystem.

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Looking for...

An interdisciplinary approach to look at futuristic strategies in value-based models and their implementation.

B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad

To become...

  • Visual Storyteller for User Experience
  • Production Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Direction
  • Brand Visualiser
  • Entrepreneur
  • Media Production Executive

Programme Highlights

B.Des. colleges in india

Multidisciplinary system

B.Des. colleges in gujarat

Field Immersions

B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad

Mini Projects and Workshops

B.Des. colleges in india

Understand Complex Ecologies

B.Des. colleges in gujarat

Graduation Project

About the Programme

The richness of educational and skill development courses is at focus in the program, attributes such as management, teamwork, critical thinking, and emotional sensibility become vital for a design thinker. This course facilitates the overall growth and development of a storyteller. It nourishes the efficiency of individuals by providing a sense of empathy toward social integration and deliver it to the expectations of the audience. The Course is a bouquet - an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and simplifying complex ecologies of Moving Image Media. Since the genesis of new media opportunities and going ahead with traditional templates, moving Image Course recognises the widened the horizons to address the contemporary.

  • Overview
  • Semester 3
  • Semester 4
  • Semester 5
  • Semester 6 and 7
  • Semester 8

Understanding to begin with ideation process for making images and stories, introduction to oral storytelling, its auditory detailings, environment based studies of craft practices and folk culture, understanding dynamics required for collaboration, applying the steps of film making for assignment.

Introduction to the discipline

After completing the foundation year, a candidate reaches the third semester to learn the basics of animation, film, photography and media.

Workshops and Interacting with Experts

The students will adapt to dynamic mode of working. The students will consult experts, participating in workshops run under the department’s supervision within the campus or at any organised venue. The focus will be towards exploring folk origin, its narrative form and trying to value its rich legacy. At large it is also intended to provide them linkage between academia and industry.

Understanding the industry through field visits

This semester focuses on vocational understanding and examining trends of the industry. The nature of learning becomes more dynamic through field visits and application of tools and techniques. This approach encourages and provides exposure to the student and helps them prepare for the industry. This semester also consists a mini project with a more conditioned briefing

Portfolio and documentation

The students will find prospect to define and delve deeper into their specific areas; to work with freedom and a sense of self-discovery. There are two expansive portfolio projects during the semester and it will be as per industry conditions.

Graduation Project

During the final semester, students will have the opportunity to seek a sponsored graduation project in an established industry or a research-based project to enhance the domain to abridge and strengthen scholarly attributes for upcoming cohorts. They can opt for a self-sponsored project through community support and crowd funding platforms to attempt a bold and entrepreneurial viewpoint.