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Academic Year 2023-24
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For Individuals...

Who like to understand alternate and mainstream media with the advent of New Media possibilities, shaping up a career to understand and developing sense of criticism, analytical aspects to deliver simple solutions in the diverse ecosystem.

Looking for...

A learning environment that is holistically looking at market practices and availing creative pedagogical process to stay consistent and open for adaptive workspaces.

To become...

  • Visual Design Professionals
  • Content Creator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Copy writer, Editor, Cinematographer, Animator, sound designer
  • Communication Analyst
  • Associate/Executive Producer
  • Art/Production Director

Programme Highlights

Multidisciplinary system

Field Immersions

Mini Projects and Workshops

Understand Complex Ecologies

Graduation Project

About the Programme

The course is a mixed bouquet - a multidisciplinary system providing expertise in understanding complex ecologies of moving image media. It intends to make a candidate highly employable with diverse choices as a professional. It will offer a firm view on understanding mainstream audiences and discuss the microcosm of counter culture, subculture and other domains. Media, technological advancement, and other means of creating socially valid ecologies are getting sustainable. By the end of the programme, the candidate will become a versatile storyteller, media person, editor, or critic and use audio-video in study and more. They could be professionals at advertising agencies, film production houses, museums, radio stations, the gaming industry, etc.

  • Overview
  • Semester 3
  • Semester 4
  • Semester 5
  • Semester 6 and 7
  • Semester 8

Each semester will comprise studio modules involving the students interacting with live scenarios. There will be workshops with industry experts to give them a taste of the professional sphere. There would be workshops for software know-how to prepare them for the digital road ahead.

Introduction to the discipline

After completing the foundation year, a candidate reaches the third semester to learn the basics of animation, film, photography and media.

Mini Projects and Workshops

Students will adopt more dynamic approaches by inviting “Learning by Doing”. There will be a workshop/demonstration that will prepare the student to have confidence for a mini project in the same semester.

As part of documentation studies, students will explore the country’s folk/traditional/ contemporary narrative forms. It would help them understand the legacy. The collaboration between the students and the artisans will help the traditions also evolve.

Advance approaches and field visits

This semester will introduce the more critical theory and practice to examine the industry and prepare oneself for it decisively. There will be another mini-project this semester with an advanced briefing.

Portfolio and documentation

There will be two substantial projects in both semesters where a student will have to perform to showcase all learning. During these two final semesters, students will accumulate everything that will be part of their final portfolio as their representation as per industry prerequisites.

Graduation Project

A student will have the opportunity to go for a sponsored graduation project in the industry or a research-based project in a relevant field. It will depend on a student’s willingness to go for an established industry project or find a sponsored research project to enrich the intellectual domain. A student will also choose to go for a self-sponsored project, finding community support through crowdfunding platforms.