Bachelor of Design (Space Design)


This studio-based, research-led practical design course, aims at nurturing space designers as critical thinkers, empathic human beings and innovative makers/do-ers. It offers an array of courses that help designers offer simple, functional and aesthetically appealing solutions to problems related to space design.

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For Individuals

who want to nurture critical thinking, design for the greater good of the community, by empathising with the end-users, and develop practical skills for innovations in design.

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Looking for...

exploration of the subject through a series of practical yet complex design projects. Collaboration with like-minded individuals who aid reflective and responsive approach to design.

B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad

To become

  • Space planner
  • Interior designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Event and set designer
  • Retail space designer
  • Hospitality space designer

Programme Highlights

B.Des. colleges in india


B.Des. colleges in gujarat


B.Des. colleges in ahmedabad


B.Des. colleges in india


B.Des. colleges in gujarat


About the Programme

  • Semester 3
  • Semester 4
  • Semester 5
  • Semester 6
  • Semester 7
  • Semester 8

Semester 3

Students explore the fundamentals of anthropometrics, ergonomics and space planning focused on contextual understanding. Courses offered during this semester contain extensive community immersion, site visits, market surveys and exercises to refine hand skills, digital applications and presentation techniques.

  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Vernacular Space Narratives
  • Fundamentals of Space Making
  • Understanding Materials
  • Historical Studies
  • Visualisation and Representation

Semester 4

This semester introduces students to the complexities and the multi-layered nature of designing human habitats. They work with issues of Space, along with issues of Identity – focusing on clients and their concerns across sectors, such as residential, retail and commercial et al. Simultaneously, the semester exposes students to technical aspects of lighting design and other building systems.

  • Identity in Design
  • Understanding Clients
  • Lighting Design
  • Systems Understanding
  • Materials and Finishes
  • Sector-specific Design

Semester 5

Having gained a basic understanding of Space Design, this semester introduces students to other critical aspects – crafts, re-inventing and reinterpreting traditional techniques, among others. Now students are also equipped with fundamentals of HVAC, Acoustics and integration of Digital systems into their designs.

  • Making and Manufacturing
  • User-centric Design
  • Community Connect
  • Re-inventing Traditional Crafts
  • Materials and Finishes
  • HVAC, Acoustics and Digital Tech

Semester 6

This semester encourages students to explore sustainability, modularity, upcycling, etc. Their exposure to contemporary issues and themes currently prevalent across the design world is broadened and they apply it in their projects. Now students are also exposed to the design of Exhibition spaces, Set design, Experience design, etc.

  • Sustainability in Interior Spaces
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Modularity, Knock-down, Upcycling
  • Temporary Spaces
  • Experience Design
  • Materials and Finishes

Semester 7

Two broad themes dominate the penultimate semester; Working drawings – which enable student ideas and designs to be executed in reality; and Research & Critical thinking – which empower our students to be thought leaders and come up with innovative and relevant design solutions to all kinds of spatial environments.

  • Working Drawings
  • Research and Critical Thought
  • Reflection and Journaling
  • Professional Practice
  • Complexity and Scale
  • Heritage and Adaptive Re-use

Semester 8

The students are entirely focused on their Capstone project this semester; they apply and explore all their learnings/areas of interest in this project and demonstrate a thorough knowledge and expertise of a Space Designer. The Capstone is the culminating pinnacle of our student’s academic journey in this undergraduate programme.

Student Testimonials