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Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Design  at Anant National University is a 4-year, full-time residential programme offered in 4 specialisations with first year as common foundation year.

Bachelor of Design – Transdisciplinary 

Transdisciplinary design is built with design thinking at its core. It encourages students to explore design skills beyond the boundaries of a discipline, offering them a deeper understanding and practice in a broad range of design topics and skills. Courses in materials, history, communication, culture and business management teach them how to apply creative thinking in a practical context across diverse disciplines. Students work collaboratively in workshops, studios and on projects to move beyond conceptualization and ideation to hands-on implementation and prototyping.

Bachelor of Design –Interaction

Interaction design focuses on users and their interaction with products and how the experience of using a product can be enhanced. This program focuses on designing and developing interactive digital products, environments, systems and services in response to our changing environment with a focus on studying user and product behaviour more than the form. Students will be equipped with design and visualization tools that will help them envision and detail their imagination. Real-time user interaction scenarios will be considered to test the product. With information technology at its base and design thinking as the pillar, interaction design is one of the most popular budding design fields in the country.

Bachelor of Design – Product

Product design programme trains you to design products that meet the needs of real people. It emphasizes on aesthetic appeal along with technical functionality to create products that look good and work equally well. The coursework focuses on developing commercial awareness, ability to innovate, understanding consumer behaviour and studying technological trends to prepare creative yet practical designers. Students gain exposure to the technical nuances of product design with material study, user experience, form studies, ergonomics and digital fabrication at its core. Working with a range of technologies including computer-aided design, 3-D printing and electronics in our studios and workshops, our students will learn how to design products for real life.

Bachelor of Design – Space

Space (Interior) design spans from private houses to office towers, and from retail stores and exhibitions to industrial buildings. It injects life into built environment and serves as an interface between the physical environment and its occupants.
Anant National University offers Bachelor of Interior Design that combines design concepts with practical application to produce high caliber Interior designers. Students explore both traditional and international design approaches and critically evaluate their applicability in the modern and contemporary local context. In the process, they gain an in-depth understanding of design analysis, space planning, aesthetics, new materials, and applications in designing state-of-the-art interiors addressing the present and future challenges.