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In this digital era, it is difficult to capture the attention of your target audience. And what makes it more difficult is the presence of your competitors. And to draw your audience’s attention, adding moving images to your stories will help you keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Sounds interesting? If you want to know more information about what moving image storytelling is, and why it is considered an important tool for storytelling then scroll down, and give this post a read.

Table of contents
1. What is a moving image?
2. What is moving image Storytelling?
3. Types of moving images
4. Why Moving Image is an Important Tool for Storytelling?
5. How you can learn moving image techniques?
6. Final thoughts
7. Frequently Asked Questions

What is a moving image?

Moving image is a general phrase for a visual piece that appears to be moving. Moving images include films, videos, news clips, outtakes, home movies, slide displays, screen tests, broadcasts, and/or multimedia.

What is moving image Storytelling?

The art of moving image storytelling involves reaching viewers on an emotional and lasting level with messages, emotions, narratives, and facts. This form of storytelling is presented through detailed graphics that were either curated by visual artists or captured from the real world.

Moving Image Tool

Source: Frontiers

At present times, moving image storytelling has become omnipresent in our daily lives because of its effectiveness in engaging with people while making information simple to learn and retain for the people.

Types of moving images

  1. Animation Gifs– A unique kind of graphic image called an animated GIF is made to play a series of still images continuously and sequentially. The creation of animated GIFs is now made simpler by the number of apps available in the market.
  2. Video- A video is a form of electronic media used to store, reproduce, transmit, replay, and show moving pictures. Whatever you see on television is in a video format.
  3. Film– Film/ motion picture/movie, is a collection of static images on film that are rapidly and successively projected onto a screen using light.
  4. 3D– A 3D picture is a visual created by a computer that simulates the depth of an actual item. Movies, visuals, video games, and virtual reality initiatives employ this technology.
  5. Interactive video– Another type of moving image, interactive video is a type of media that enables viewers to engage with the video’s content directly. There are more ways to interact with an interactive video than just hitting play or pausing.

For ex- In an interactive video, you can designate alternative routes for the audience to take through the film or provide clickable connections to other websites.

  1. Multi-platform- Moving images that work perfectly on multiple platforms for ex- in different social media platforms, or different operating systems. Docker images automatically choose the image that is compatible with your architecture or OS when running an image.

Why Moving Image is an Important Tool for Storytelling?

  1. Moving images help you in differentiating your brand from your competitors
  2. Attractive moving images catch the attention of customers and help the brand to maintain a strong association with existing customers and also attract new ones.
  3. Moving pictures are more persuasive than the still picture, and they can prove to be a very useful tool in marketing.
  4. Storytelling by using moving images enables you to communicate with a much wider audience because it is incredibly adaptable and ideal for social media. Also, articles/social media posts with moving images receive more engagement and sharing than the ones that don’t contain any moving images.

How you can learn moving image techniques?

You must be wondering, where you can learn to create movie image storytelling. Well, you can join the Bachelor of visual arts at Anant National University, where you will not only learn to create moving images but can learn a plethora of concepts and techniques of mixed media.

In the 4 years course, you will also get an internship opportunity at renowned companies where you can practice the techniques and can enhance your technical skills.

Benefits of joining ANU for Bachelor of Visual Arts-

  • This institute is India’s first designX University.
  • We have collaborated with various Universities across the world to provide you with a design course with a global curriculum.
  • At ANU, bright students coming from low economic backgrounds are offered need-based scholarships. We have also tied up with prestigious banks such as Axis Bank, IDFC first bank, and HDFC to help students in getting educational loans.
  • ANU has partnered with various organizations to provide placement opportunities to you. Some of the top partnered organizations are Peepaldesign, air pollution action group, samhita, open spaces design studio, Lodha Group, Larsen & Toubro, Cars 24, etc.
  • The infrastructure of the campus includes a green campus, hostel & mess facilities, collaborative classrooms, studio spaces, moving image labs, photography labs, sports facilities, a counselling centre, exhibition space, and all the other amenities required by a design student.
  • Workshop and expert sessions are organized at the campus to help students learn about new techniques and technologies by industry professionals.

Final thoughts

With the help of moving image storytelling, you can create and share your stories in new and exciting ways. So, if you want to enter the Universe of opportunities and gain a creative edge over others, then register for a bachelor of visual arts course and design a dream career of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are still and moving images?

Images that fall midway between still and moving images require the affective labour of being felt with or through. They are images that demand our participation in the overlapping sensory spheres of vision, sound, touch, and emotive labour that develop in, around, and in reaction to such images.

  1. What is moving image art?

The study of movies and filmmaking through the creation of short films is known as moving image art.

  1. How to convert a still image to moving image?

There are various apps available online such as Canva, Motionleap, etc. and through the animation features available in those apps, you can make still image move.

  1. Where is the Museum of moving image photography is located?

The Museum of Moving Images is located in New York City in the United States. This museum was established to enhance understanding and appreciation of the digital media, art, history, technique, and technology of film/television, etc.