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In the wake of the current pandemic that has impacted education worldwide, Anant National University has been quick to respond to the challenge to continue teaching and learning effectively. AnantU has adopted various technological platforms to continue teaching, held in continuation of the regular on-campus classes.

The pandemic has forced us to change our regular course of education that revolved around studio-centric learning and human interaction. The absence of the learning environment that the college created further contributed to a deteriorating enthusiasm. However, evolving with the times is crucial, and the students and faculty members alike took up the challenge of using a digital platform to teach and learn.

The faculty members realised the potential of using online platforms and changed their teaching methodologies and syllabi to impart knowledge effectively. The students had a leisurely experience attending lectures, but presenting and discussing designs and ideas, in brief, was an added effort.

Despite the problems of online learning such as time constraints, uninterrupted wifi access, familial issues and other technical hurdles, everyone was able to successfully complete the semester online due to sheer passion towards their education.

Students were not only guided by various faculty members but also developed the process of self-learning, an essential skill in the design and architecture domain. Juries were conducted online and professionally coordinated and held by the AnantU faculty. They understood the difficulties that students might face and did their best to account for problems and provide solutions.

The students are extremely fortunate to have had this opportunity as millions have not been able to attend their classes or even had an online semester over these past few months. Online classes have been a one-of-a-kind experience, but traditional classes were sorely missed.