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BLOOM, an AnantU initiative to ensure the overall wellbeing of its students, has recently organised a host of webinars and events to keep them in high-spirits amidst the lockdown. These events included:

Personal Relationships in Lockdown Times

Speaker and Clinical Psychologist Puroitree Majumdar explained the students on how to manage their relationships with close friends, parents and romantic partners.

Finding It Tough Reconnecting with Parents

BLOOM provided students with many tips and methods of reconnecting with their parents, especially during this period.

Let’s Understand Gender Biases Together

Clinical Psychologist Puroitree Majumdar and the students discussed the changing culture of gender violence and how saying that we live in a patriarchal society would be a vast understatement.

A Better You Project

BLOOM has started “A Better You” Project where students can speak to expert psychologists and seek support and guidance in battling the emotional implications of COVID-19 together.

Making Most of Your Summer Break

Speaker and Clinical Psychologist Puroitree Majumdar helped students in inculcating practical thoughts of productivity and planning for the upcoming months, keeping in mind the pandemic situation.

AnantU’s International Yoga Day

On International Yoga day, AnantU celebrated with students by doing 10 Surya Namaskars on live video sessions according to the time slot they chose. Those who could not join showed their support by recording themselves doing the Surya Namaskars and uploading them to social media platforms.

These events have helped the AnantU community achieve the much required mental and physical wellbeing while improving our relationship with self and those around us.