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Images: 1: Artwork by Nirali Parekh, Faculty at AnantU | 2: Artwork by Jeetendra Kumar Prasad, B.Des. | 3: Recipe by Anant Fellowship cohort 2019-20| 4: Artwork by Jinal Doshi, Manager, OSS

In a bid to make lockdown period more productive, the Office of Student Services (OSS) at Anant National University (AnantU) organised the #lockdownchallenge, a social media challenge for the AnantU family. Participants were asked to send in a video (10 seconds or less) on how they creatively managed their time as they stayed locked indoors.

The OSS, which organised the challenge, received an overwhelming response from the AnantU family. Many from the community shared their artworks, their indoor experiences and the new hobbies that they have picked up on. AnantU leadership and board members also participated in the challenge and shared their messages on how we can all stay positive and productive in these trying times.

Mr Ajay Piramal, Chairman, Piramal Group and President, Anant National University, said, “Serve your community and have a heart full of gratitude in these unprecedented times.” He described how life, especially in a time of crisis such as this one, was like a flight that is out of our control. He talked about the importance of staying physically and emotionally fit, and happy. To see his full message, click here.

Dr Pramath Raj Sinha, Founder, Harappa Education and Founding Provost, Anant National University, spoke about how his health has improved during the lockdown and the benefit of staying home as opposed to travelling extensively. He also described an interesting activity that he devised for his family members to connect with one another using old photographs. To see his full message, click here.

Mr Durgesh Agarwal, Board of Management, Anant National University, talked about the importance of this time as a tool to reinvent and understand oneself. He said that all of us were blessed and should be grateful for what we have, and help those less fortunate than us in any way we can. Additionally, he maintained how this time can be utilised to show strength of character. To see his full message, click here.

Dr Indira Parikh, Founder President, FLAME University and Board of Management, Anant National University, talked about how the lockdown has enhanced her physical and spiritual wellbeing, through morning walks, scriptures, and chanting. She also talked about the increase in her productivity and the satisfaction she received from finishing her pending projects. To see her full message, click here.

Additionally, the OSS received an enthusiastic response for the #lockdownchallenge from students, staff, and faculty members. People have been performing various activities to keep them busy, such as learning languages, cooking, reading, and exercising. Many AnantU community members have engaged in creative forms such as doodling, sketching, learning new software, and recycling waste materials to make art work.

The final output of all these entries will be a collective video, scheduled to be released soon. Stay tuned to watch how the AnantU family has defeated the Lockdown period and turned it into a more productive phase of their lives.