Climate Champion Programme 2024

a one-year initiative for school students


Educating youth on climate awareness is vital as they are the future guardians of the planet. By understanding environmental issues, they can advocate for sustainable policies and practices, reduce their carbon footprint, promote innovation in green solutions and become the problem solvers of tomorrow – a philosophy that is at the heart of Anant National University’s mission.


At Anant, we constantly strive to develop solutionaries – revolutionary thinkers with a design-oriented mindset who can understand their surroundings better and create real-world solutions for the future. To enable this, we offer several multidisciplinary programmes that harness the knowledge from various disciplines and traditional practices to integrate it with cutting-edge technology to address diverse challenges.


Extending this pedagogical approach, the Anant School of Climate Action is launching the Climate Champion Programme, a one-year initiative for school students that will galvanise youth towards climate awareness and action, nurturing a generation of proactive stewards for our planet.


Anant National University actively engages in sustainable practices and develops climate-aware youth. So, we will be launching the programme on 22nd April 2024, which is World Earth Day, to sensitise today’s youth to be the climate warriors that the world needs.


The Climate Champion Programme invites schools in all over Inddia to nominate two students along with their principal or faculty representative to participate as Climate Champions. These champions will serve as catalysts for change within their school communities, championing climate action initiatives and inspiring their peers to join the movement. The participants will work in their capacity and Anant will evaluate their efforts at the end of the programme.



Benefits for Climate Champions

  • Participation in Workshops: Climate Champions will engage in a series of workshops focusing on Mission LiFE and Climate Change. These workshops will equip them with essential knowledge and strategies to address environmental challenges effectively.
  • Idea Contest: Anant National University’s incubation centre, AARAMBH, will conduct an Idea Contest on solutions to climate change/climate action, providing participating schools a platform to showcase innovative ideas.
  • Summer Internship: Climate Champions will undertake a summer internship, contributing to projects at Anant School of Climate Action/Sustain and Labs Paris and gaining valuable practical experience in climate action.
  • Certificate: Upon successful completion of the programme, Climate Champions will receive a certificate recognising their commitment and contribution towards climate awareness and action.

Benefits for Participating Schools

  • Participation Opportunities: Schools will have the chance to engage in Mission LiFE events and avail special offers on workshops and educational programmes conducted by us.
  • Recognition: Participating schools will receive special mentions in select posts and advertisements, highlighting their commitment to climate awareness and action.
  • Awards: Outstanding schools demonstrating exemplary commitment to climate action will be conferred with the title of ‘Climate Aware School in India’ by Anant National University.

Responsibilities of Climate Champions

  • Spread Awareness: Champions will lead initiatives to raise awareness about climate change and promote climate action within their schools, including implementing Mission LiFE programmes and regularly communicating with Anant National University.
  • Torch Bearers of the Mission: Climate Champions will embody the spirit of the mission and inspire their peers to actively participate in climate-related activities and initiatives.
  • Read Climate Bulletin: Champions will stay updated with the latest developments in climate science by regularly reading the Climate Bulletin provided by Anant School of Climate Action and sharing insights with their school community.

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  • Timeline

Climate Champion Programme Year Plan

Date Description
22nd APRIL to 27th June 2024 Registration of schools for the Climate Champion Programme.
28th July Induction programme for Climate Champions and Schools, marking the official commencement of the programme.
June to August 2024 QUARTERLY REPORTS: Schools and Climate Champions submit their first quarterly reports to Anant School of Climate Action (ASCA), detailing their activities and progress.

MISSION LIFE/CLIMATE CHANGE EVENTS: Each school conducts at least one Mission LiFE or Climate Change event, engaging their school community in discussions and activities related to environmental sustainability.

FIRST WORKSHOP: ASCA conducts the first workshop of the year with academic representatives, focusing on key topics related to climate change and sustainability.

October to December 2024 QUARTERLY REPORTS: Second quarterly reports are submitted by schools and Climate Champions, highlighting their ongoing efforts and achievements.

WORKSHOP: The second workshop of the year is conducted, providing further education and training to participants on climate action strategies.

IDEA CONTEST: Anant’s incubation centre AARAMBH hosts the Idea Contest, inviting all participating schools to submit innovative solutions to climate change and climate action challenges.

January 2024 to February 2025 QUARTERLY REPORTS: Third quarterly reports are submitted by schools and Climate Champions, documenting their activities and impact during this period.

MISSION LIFE/CLIMATE CHANGE EVENTS: Schools continue to organise events and initiatives, focusing on raising awareness and implementing sustainable practices.

FINAL REPORT PREPARATION: Schools and Climate Champions begin preparing their final reports, summarising their year-long efforts and outcomes.

March 2025 Deadline for submission of final reports to ASCA.

EVALUATION AND SELECTION: ASCA evaluates the reports and selects three top-performing schools based on the established criteria.

PREPARATION FOR AWARD CEREMONY: Preparations begin for the Award Ceremony to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the top-performing schools.

April 2025 EARTH DAY: Award Ceremony is held on the Earth Day to announce and honour the three top-performing schools. Each school is recognised for their exemplary commitment to climate awareness and action.

CONTINUED ENGAGEMENT: While the formal programme concludes, schools and Climate Champions are encouraged to continue their climate action efforts and maintain their commitment to environmental sustainability.

This year-long plan ensures a structured and comprehensive approach to the Climate Champion Programme, providing schools and participants with opportunities for learning, engagement and recognition. Through collaborative efforts and sustained action, the programme aims to foster a culture of climate awareness and activism within schools and communities.

Eligibility: The Climate Champion Programme is open to all schools located within All over India.
Participating schools must nominate two students, along with their principal or a faculty representative to serve as Climate Champions.

STUDENT AGE RANGE: Students nominated as Climate Champions should be between Classes VII to XII (ages approximately 12 to 18 years old).

COMMITMENT: Participating schools are expected to demonstrate a commitment to climate awareness and action within their school community. This includes actively engaging in climate-related initiatives and supporting the role of Climate Champions.

SELECTION PROCESS: Schools will be responsible for selecting suitable candidates for the role of Climate Champions based on their interest in climate issues, leadership qualities and willingness to actively participate in the programme.

TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS: Schools should ensure that their Climate Champions are available to participate in the workshops and training sessions provided by Anant. These sessions will equip champions with essential knowledge and skills to fulfil their role effectively.

COMMUNICATION: Climate Champions should maintain regular communication with Anant, providing updates on their activities, initiatives and any challenges faced in implementing climate-related programmes within their school.

PROMOTION OF CLIMATE AWARENESS: Schools are encouraged to actively promote climate awareness and action among their student body and staff members. This may include organising awareness campaigns, conducting seminars or workshops and integrating climate-related topics into the curriculum.

PARTICIPATION IN EVENTS: Participating schools should actively participate in Mission LiFE events and other climate-related activities organised by Anant. This includes attending workshops, seminars and other educational programmes offered as part of the Climate Champion Programme.

SUBMISSION OF REPORTS: Schools will be required to submit reports detailing their participation in climate-related events, initiatives undertaken by their Climate Champions and the impact of these activities on the school community. Reports should be submitted to the Anant as per the specified timelines.

ADHERENCE TO PROGRAMME GUIDELINES: Participating schools are expected to adhere to the guidelines and instructions provided by Anant throughout the duration of the programme. Any queries or concerns regarding the programme should be addressed promptly to ensure smooth coordination and implementation.

By adhering to these guidelines, participating schools can effectively contribute to the success of the Climate Champion Programme and play a vital role in fostering climate awareness and action among the youth of India.

Climate Champions must actively participate in all workshops, events and initiatives organised by the Anant to enhance their understanding of climate change and sustainability.
COMMITMENT TO LEARNING: Champions should demonstrate a commitment to learning by engaging wholeheartedly in educational opportunities provided through the programme, including workshops and summer internships.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Champions are encouraged to communicate effectively with their school community, conveying the importance of climate awareness and action through clear and persuasive messaging.

INITIATIVE AND INNOVATION: Champions should demonstrate initiative and innovation by organising climate-related events, projects or campaigns within their schools, aiming to inspire their peers to take meaningful action.

REGULAR BULLETIN UPDATES: Champions must regularly convey the information provided in the bi-weekly bulletin by ASCA during their school assemblies, ensuring that their peers stay informed about the latest developments in climate science and sustainability.

COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT: Champions should foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork within their school community, encouraging their peers to join them in collective efforts to address climate change.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Champions are encouraged to engage with their local community, raising awareness about climate issues beyond the school campus and advocating for sustainable practices.

INNOVATION CONTEST PARTICIPATION: Champions should actively participate in the Idea Contest on solutions to climate change/climate action organised by Anant’s incubation centre AARAMBH, demonstrating their creativity and problem-solving skills.

REPORTING AND DOCUMENTATION: Champions must diligently report their activities, initiatives and achievements to Anant, providing regular updates on their progress towards promoting climate awareness and action.

EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP: Champions should embody the qualities of exemplary leadership, inspiring their peers and making a tangible difference in their school community’s commitment to combating climate change.

By adhering to these guidelines, Climate Champions can maximise their impact, contribute to the success of the programme and emerge as true champions of climate awareness and action in their schools and communities.

The evaluation process for the Climate Champion Programme is designed to assess the performance and impact of participating schools and Climate Champions based on predefined criteria. The evaluation process is conducted by the ASCA to ensure transparency, fairness and accountability in recognising the achievements of participants. Below is an outline of the evaluation process:


PARTICIPATION AND ACTIVENESS: The level of engagement and involvement of schools and Climate Champions in programme activities, workshops, events and initiatives.
IMPLEMENTATION OF CLIMATE ACTION INITIATIVES: The extent to which schools initiate and implement climate-related events, campaigns and projects within their school communities.

EFFECTIVENESS OF COMMUNICATION: The ability of Climate Champions to effectively communicate climate-related messages and information to their peers and school community.

INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY: The innovative approaches and creative solutions adopted by schools and Climate Champions in addressing climate change challenges and promoting sustainability.

IMPACT AND AWARENESS: The measurable impact of school and Climate Champion’s activities on raising awareness about climate change and inspiring action within their school communities.


QUARTERLY REPORTS: Participating schools and Climate Champions are required to submit quarterly reports to ASCA, documenting their activities, achievements, challenges and lessons learned during the reporting period.

EVENT DOCUMENTATION: Schools are encouraged to provide documentation, such as photographs, videos and event summaries to support their reports and showcase their initiatives.

IDEA CONTEST PARTICIPATION: The participation and performance of schools in the Idea Contest organised by AARAMBH are also considered in the evaluation process.


A dedicated evaluation panel comprising experts from Anant National University and external stakeholders will be responsible for reviewing and assessing the submitted reports and documentation. The evaluation panel will ensure impartiality and objectivity in evaluating the performance of participating schools and Climate Champions.

Each criterion will be assigned a specific weightage based on its importance and relevance to the objectives of the programme.

Participating schools and Climate Champions will be scored and ranked based on their performance against the predefined criteria and weightage.

The evaluation panel will collate and analyses the scores to determine the top-performing schools and Climate Champions.

Schools and Climate Champions, who demonstrate outstanding performance and impact, will be recognised and awarded by Anant during the Award Ceremony held on Earth Day.

The top-performing schools will receive the prestigious title of ‘Climate Aware School in India’ along with other accolades and prizes to acknowledge their commitment to climate awareness and action.

Feedback and recommendations provided by the evaluation panel will be used to identify areas for improvement and refinement in the evaluation process for future iterations of the programme. Anant remains committed to continuously improving the evaluation process to ensure its effectiveness, relevance and fairness in assessing the achievements of participants.

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The Climate Champion Programme is an initiative led by Anant School of Climate Action at Anant National University, designed to empower youth in Ahmedabad to become proactive advocates for climate awareness and action.

The programme is open to schools located within Ahmedabad, India. Students in grades 7 through 12 are eligible to participate as Climate Champions, along with their respective schools.

Participants in the programme gain access to workshops, internships, and educational resources focused on climate change and sustainability. They also have the opportunity to engage in hands-on projects and initiatives to promote climate action within their schools and communities.

Climate Champions are tasked with spreading awareness about climate change, participating in workshops and events, implementing climate-related initiatives within their schools, and regularly communicating with Anant School of Climate Action.

Schools can register for the programme by filling out the registration form available on the programme website and submitting it within the specified registration period.

The evaluation process involves quarterly reporting by schools and Climate Champions, assessment of their activities and impact by a designated evaluation panel, and recognition of top-performing schools during the award ceremony.

The award recognises and celebrates the achievements of top-performing schools in promoting climate awareness and action. It serves as a symbol of prestige, motivation, and validation for participating schools and Climate Champions.

Key stakeholders include Anant School of Climate Action, participating schools, Climate Champions, academic representatives, government bodies such as the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and collaborating organizations like AARAMBH.

Individuals or organizations can support the programme by offering sponsorship, providing expertise or resources, volunteering as mentors or workshop facilitators, or spreading awareness about the initiative within their networks.

For more information about the Climate Champion Programme, including programme details, guidelines, and updates, please visit the programme website or contact the Anant School of Climate Action directly.

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