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Anant National University approaches architecture with a focus on cultivating students’ creativity, imagination, analytical, communication and technical skills. The School of Architecture focuses on Sustainable Architecture, Energy Efficient Design, Disaster Mitigation and Management, Urban Renewal and Design, Heritage Conservation, Architectural Acoustics and Architectural Aesthetics.

School of

Design is a process of critical thinking, analysis, and creative activity offering unlimited scope to individuals for innovation. Anant National University imparts the latest interior design knowledge and skills to its students, equipping them with the ability to understand and leverage advances in new materials and innovative construction technologies.

School of Planning

The School of Planning provides the foundation, skills, and knowledge to allow graduates to work in the field of urban and regional planning. India is urbanizing rapidly. With the burgeoning impact of population growth, traffic congestion, climate change, increasing social inequality and safety issues, proper and innovative planning of India’s infrastructure is indispensable. The School of Planning provides the analytical skills and knowledge required for sustainable and thoughtful planning in the context of globalizing communities using state-of–the-art technologies and design innovations.


A unique full-time post-graduate program designed as a year-long multi-disciplinary, experiential immersion to introduce young, socially-committed practitioners and students to new knowledge and skills to question, evaluate, invent, and redefine our Built Environment.

Anant Fellows are creative leaders who combine entrepreneurial skills and a human-centered approach to develop contextual and systemic solutions to current and future problems.


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About Anant National University

Anant National University was established by an Act of legislature in the state assembly of Gujarat in 2016. It stands on the solid foundation laid by Anant Institute of Architecture (AIA) started five years ago under the aegis of Lakshman Gyanpith Trust, a voluntary non-profit organization, at Sanskardham campus in Ahmedabad.