ACPC Vacant Quota Merit List for AY 2022-23 declared | B. Arch. programme ACPC-Vacant Quota admissions open from October 13th to October 19th. | Bachelor of Architecture programme provisional merit list (All India Quota) announced for the academic year 2022-23.

  • Computer lab
  • Makerspace
  • Futureshift Lab
  • Moving Image Lab
  • Fashion Lab
  • Textile Lab
  • Tinkering Lab
  • Photography lab
  • Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Collaborative Classrooms
  • Infirmary
  • Exhibition spaces
  • Amphitheatre
  • Counselling centre
  • Climate Lab

Students at AnantU have access to its library with several books on architecture, design and urban planning written by Indian and foreign authors. The University also subscribes to online and print journals and magazines and makes available a variety of online content in the form of articles, videos and databases.

AnantU has a tie-up with Sanskardham Sports Academy on campus. It provides high-end sports facilities and space to stay physically fit while engaging with varied outdoor and indoor sports. Coaching is also available for various sports to those interested. In addition, we also have a sports room within AnantU academic block with indoor sports amenities.

The University offers modern and comfortable housing accommodation. Students are allotted rooms based on twin or triple sharing basis. The hostel is divided into separate blocks for girls and boys. There is CCTV surveillance, Wi-Fi access, mess, gym facility, common reading and play areas.

The canteen, also known as the ‘courtyard’, at AnantU offers sumptuous, delicious and nutritious meals for its students. It offers multiple breakfasts and lunch options along with various dairy products, high-tea, snacks and beverages. AnantU has a Nutrition Committee, which comprises students who decide on the menu every fortnight. The committee is dedicated to providing high protein food and uses healthy substitutes of various unhealthy ingredients. The committee also evaluates the performance of the canteen, ensures a plastic ban and encourages the use of sustainable alternatives.

The AnantU computer lab is equipped with high-end computer systems that are updated with the latest design software for the ease of students, such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, etc. Students can avail the computer lab during the University hours.

The Makerspace is a collaborative workshop area open to AnantU students, faculty and staff. The Makerspace team train students in design and craft skills such as carpentry and metal-work in a spacious work area. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was responsible for designing several innovative products that were donated to front-line health workers and protective forces for their safety.

The advanced product laboratory, ‘FutureShift’ on the varsity campus will facilitate product prototyping, as students can see their ideas come to life. The lab is equipped with 3D printing, CNC, resin prints, workstations for assembly, and sketching desks with Wacoms. The laboratory comes with augmented and virtual reality capabilities with dual-screen PCs for an immersive media experience. The ‘FutureShift’ laboratory will help students in designing and innovating the product experience for their learnings and eventual application to real-world scenarios.

The Moving Image lab has a preview room, scenography lab, animation workspace, edit workspace and sound design. All these are provisioned with the latest machines, software and hardware so the students are experiencing the latest in their major.

The state-of-the-art fashion lab is equipped with regular sewing machines, denim and leather sewing machine and an interlock machine to facilitate garment construction.

The textile lab is equipped with four looms for design students to take a lesson from history and \mechanisation of ‘the last ingenious tool created by humankind’. As the weaver community struggles to remain relevant, AnantU strives to train students to work on these handlooms and inculcate them in the ecosystem of people to preserve the heritage.

The Lab comprises equipment like Laser cutting machines, 3D Printers, Zigsaw, Arduino kits, soldering station and much more. Tinkering Lab is intended to be a fully functional student-run Lab set-up in the Student Housing facility, thus allowing access to work around the clock at their convenience.

The advanced photography studio comes with high-end professional-grade equipment and a range of cameras from Canon housed in a dedicated 30×30 feet studio set to help students to get a feel of the real-world settings of a photoshoot environment.

AnantU has a fully-equipped Gymnasium for the students who wish to remain physically fit and healthy. All the machines are regularly checked and maintained, and a special trainer is appointed to assist students with their needs.

The multipurpose hall can be used by students, staff and faculty to host events, seminars and gatherings. The hall is equipped with audio-visual equipment for events.

The classrooms at AnantU can be repurposed for several pedagogical requirements. The classrooms are designed to maximise collaborative activities.

AnantU has an infirmary to ensure the physical well-being of the students. A nurse and a visiting doctor are present at the infirmary in case of emergencies. The infirmary also hosts several health drives to increase awareness about a healthy lifestyle.

The AnantU exhibition spaces are vibrant centres of student creativity. Student clubs and faculty members are encouraged to regularly host events where student talent is showcased and the community can take inspiration.

Students gather at the amphitheatre to conduct extra-curricular activities, events and celebrate festivals.

AnantU has partnered with YourDost, an online platform, to make counselling and emotional support services available to our students 24×7. They can anonymously connect with experts like psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, life coaches and career guides among others for guidance and confidential counselling sessions.

The Climate Lab in its first phase is equipped with high-tech gadgets and apparatus like Automated Weather Stations, Thermoelectric Pyrheliometer that measures the intensity of solar radiation and a bunch of software to measure various weather and climate related temperatures, and to carry out climatic analysis and simulations. AnantU has also installed the SimaPRO software, which will execute Life Cycle Analysis simulations at the lab.

The climate lab will be most applicable and advantageous for students of the new and exclusive, recently launched, 4-year-undergraduate course at AnantU, B.Tech in Climate Action Technology. The B.Tech students will learn to build technology solutions for mitigating or adapting to climate change, and use specialised software made available at the Climate Lab. It will facilitate students to simulate climate impact and be part of live industry climate projects at the Climate Lab, since day one of joining.