Vatsala Lasod’s poem is an adventure in form. Written in response to a prompt in the Introductory Creative Writing module “Point of View”, each line of “Destiny’s Wonderland” is a six word story. Together the individual lines come together in a compelling narrative of a young woman confronting – and slaying – her demons.
– Dr Ashima Sood

  • Poem


Each face wore a beautiful mask. 

Yesterday she was a different person. 

Her bag was full of dreams. 

Not every dream dreamt, came true. 

Lights were dim, trying to shine. 

Bruised but determined to prove herself. 

Holding her back, trapped by darkness. 

She was young, but not stupid. 

No new friends, no old friends. 

Charm of the storm compelled the fear. 

Pretended to be strongest, when weakest. 

Fall of life, defeating the devil. 

Hangout with restless beast, epic piece. 

Death itself envied her chosen path. 

A young elegant woman, pretty courageous. 

Parents’ expectations added to her wonderland. 

Six words cannot convey the story. 

Myth and truth, broken but beautiful. 

This poem was previously published in the Anant National University newsletter ANUvacha, May 2020, Volume 3, Issue 9.