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One of the fascinating facets of the construction industry is the architectural arena. Adding modernism and a voguish outlook for a constructional property is all architecture deals. As the architecture industry is booming with a significant market value of USD 359.98 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% from 2022 to 2030, the career pool for architects is tremendously wide in the upcoming years. So an  architecture graduate can establish a super fine career in the architecture industry with their compound construction skills.

Let us find what is needed to establish a strong career for an architecture graduate.

Architecture Programme at Anant National University:

Anant National University, one of the finest educational institutions in India offers a remarkable architecture programme a.k.a. B.Arch. course for students who aspire to become sought-after architects.

Here are the B Arch Course Details:

Course Name Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch. Course)
Course Description B.Arch. course is designed to educate students on various aspects of construction and designing of buildings by considering various constructional factors.

This course focuses on developing every student into a skilled architecture graduate who is capable of constructing any complex building with confidence.

Level Undergraduate level
Duration 5 years
Eligibility Criteria The basic B.Arch. qualification required is as follows:

● Candidates should have completed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects at any recognized educational institution.

● Candidates should have scored at least 50% aggregate in 10+2.

Admission Procedure B.Arch. admission 2023 at Anant National University is provided based on the candidate’s score in National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA)

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Expectations of Employers from an Architecture Graduate

As the architecture field is striking in the construction industry with a market scope of USD 359.98 billion in 2022, the scope after B.Arch. is significantly more massive and stronger. Take a look at the following pictorial representation:

Due to tremendous field expansion, career options have increased but to grab these, certain factors are to be met to satisfy the employers.

Here are the employer’s expectations from an architecture graduate:

Creative Designing Capabilities:

As per a recent study, creativity has been identified as the top factor for architecture and construction.

One of the top architectural firms, Zaha Hadid Architects has mentioned that creative designing capabilities are what justifies an architect.

So an architecture graduate should have developed the creative ability to design unique construction outlines that can stand out among other architects.

Strong Mathematical skills

Mathematics is the foundation of architecture. As all the constructions require a lot of mathematical workouts to come up with proper dimensional data which need to be incorporated in the blueprint to seek approval.

So, an architecture graduate must have a strong hand in mathematics to excel in the field of architecture and to get hired by top architecture firms.

Coherent Communicative Ability

As the field of architecture is involved in understanding and incorporating client expectations and requirements, communication plays a major role to obtain proper construction outcomes.

An architecture graduate should develop the communication skills to explain their concepts to the clients and to understand the client’s expectations to satisfy their needs.

Top architecture companies such as F+S Designs, Quirk Studio, Morphogenesis, Studio PKA, etc conduct a separate communicative test while hiring architecture graduates.

Problem-Solving Mindset

In the field of architecture and construction, the arousal of sudden problems is the most common aspect. As architects proceed with construction, there are chances of the following problems or conditions to arrive:

  • Change in construction plan as per the client’s request
  • Dimensional deviation in the construction
  • Material substitution requirement
  • Environment disturbances affecting construction

In these cases, an architect must be able to immediately solve the problem and come up with feasible solutions. So an architecture graduate should develop a problem-handling and solving mindset during the duration of the B.Arch. course to excel in the field of architecture and construction.

Budget-friendly Construction Skills

One of the prominent aspects expected by employers from an architecture graduate is the ability to develop budget-friendly construction plans.

In the field of architecture, clients are expected from different financial statuses. The clients will have their own budget and expect the architects to develop a construction plan that matches their budget. An architect who can meet the budget needs of the clients is considered to be the best architect.

Construction Design Software Skills:

In the architectural sector, construction plans and designs are produced and developed using multiple software. So, it is important for an architecture graduate to have construction design software knowledge.

Some of the popular architecture software that  needed to be known by all architects are as follows:

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • SketchUp
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Cedreo
  • V-Ray
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign
  • Fusion 360

As the B.Arch. scope is significant, if architecture graduates develop themselves and meet the employer’s requirements, then they can establish a successful career in the field of architecture.

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People of today’s world expect exclusivity and creativity in the construction of their properties and it is the duty of every architecture graduate to satisfy their clients. Stepping up, pursuing B.Arch., and developing notable skills will surely help land in great career positions in top architecture firms. Knock on the doors of the construction arena with your strong skills and grab the best career opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the eligibility for B.Arch.?
    The eligibility required for B.Arch. is the completion of 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects and securing a minimum of 50% aggregate score in 10+2.
  2. How many years is a bachelor of architecture programme?
    Bachelor of Architecture course is a 5 year, full-time, undergraduate course offered in top colleges such as Anant National University.
  3. Which stream is best for architecture after 12th?
    Computer science stream with physics, chemistry, and mathematics is the best stream to take up to pursue architecture after 12th.
  4. What is the salary of B.Arch. graduate?
    The salary scale of a B.Arch. graduate is usually around INR 4 LPA to INR 6 LPA as a fresher. With years of experience, the salary scale can reach up to INR 17 LPA as well.