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If the programme you have opted for at Anant National University requires you to clear the telephonic interview round, it is recommended you read this article thoroughly and prepare accordingly.

Contrary to what most applicants presume, the telephonic interview is not intended to test your theoretical knowledge on the subject or the lack thereof. It also doesn’t aim to evaluate you based on your technical skills. The telephonic interview is simply a means for the interviewer to understand your ambitions, goals, and purpose for joining, along with your individualistic perspective on the programme you have applied for.

Here are some quick tips to ace your telephonic interview:

  1. Gather your thoughts in a clear, concise manner on what you will be discussing with your interviewer.
  2. Talk in moderate speed; do not hurry your sentences in nervousness/excitement, or take too long to respond. Practice intonation if required.
  3. Make sure you have good reception around the space you will be talking from to avoid unnecessary interruptions.
  4. If you will be using your mobile phone for the interview, ensure it is fully charged and doesn’t disconnect midway.
  5. It is advised that you locate yourself in a silent zone with minimal or no background noise.
  6. Keep a notepad and pen handy.

The telephonic interview is a great opportunity for applicants to use their communication skills and present their case better. During this round, you should be able to convey how you are a good fit for the programme and the university. You can also express how you may add value to the university’s community or discuss what you expect at the end of the journey. Remember, the telephonic interview is all about the university understanding you and vice versa.

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