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Designing is a field that is often pursued by students with an interest in art. And B.Des. is a course that is suitable for different types of design careers. And as this sector is growing exponentially, it is the perfect time to build a career in the designing field. According to the India design report by CII, the Indian design industry was valued at 18,332 crores in the year 2020 and the industry is growing every year by 23-25%.

If you want to know what career options you’ll have with a B.Des. degree, you are on the right page. This blog will help you in answering all the queries related to a B.Des. degree.

Table of Contents
1. Bachelor of Design-Course overview
2. Key highlights of B.Des. courses
3. Different types of designers careers
4. What is scope after B.Des.?
5. Final thoughts
6. Frequently Asked Questions

Bachelor of Design-Course overview

The Bachelor of Design is an undergraduate course, offered to students who are interested in various fields of design such as graphic designing, interior designing, product, textile, fashion, communication designing, etc.

Key highlights of BDes courses

Course name Bachelor of Design (Full-time)
Course Level Undergraduate
Course Duration 4 years
Eligibility criteria ● Applicants must have passed class 12th from any stream from a recognized board of education.
● Applicants must have scored a minimum score of 50% marks in class 12th.
● Applicants must have participated in the Design entrance test conducted by AnantU.
Available specialization ● Sustainable fashion and textile design
● Communication design
● Space design
● Interaction design
● Product Design
● Moving Image
● Transdisciplinary design
Course Fee Tuition fee = Rs. 3,75,000 Hostel and mess charges= 2,50,000 (On-campus) 2,20,000 (off-campus)
Availability of seats 500

Different types of designers careers

  1. Graphic designer- A graphic designer plays a crucial role in building a company’s brand and promoting its goods and services. They are in charge of coming up with designs that not only look good but also successfully convey the desired message. They work in a range of industries, including publishing, marketing, and advertising. Different types of graphic design careers include marketing & advertising design, graphic illustration, print & publication design, Data visualization & infographic design, etc.
  2. Textile designer– A textile designer is a specialist who combines artistic and manufacturing techniques to design patterns for clothing and other textile goods that satisfy consumer and functional needs. Textile designer works in the fashion industry as fashion textile designer, home furnishings textile designers, weaver, etc.
  3. Industrial designer– One of the popular types of design careers is industrial design. An industrial designer creates imaginative designs for manufactured goods like toys, electronics, home appliances, and automobiles. They create items that people use on a daily basis by integrating engineering, business, and art.
  4. Product designer- The product designer’s job responsibility is to look after the product designing process from product ideation to the final product. They are also known as user experience designers. product design careers include jobs such as CAD technician, UX designer, product designer, furniture designer, colour technologist, etc.
  5. Interior designer- After understanding the needs and demands of the clients, interior designers create functional and aesthetic interior spaces. They often collaborate with engineers, architects to work on their projects.
  6. Art director– Art director is also one of the types of design careers. An art director is in charge of supervising and managing a project’s visual elements, such as those in ads, publications, video games, movies, or website designs. To generate concepts, set the overall artistic style, and direct the project’s visual direction, art directors work closely with clients, artists, and creative teams.
  7. Creative director- A creative director chooses the brand’s or project’s creative vision and uses digital, print, and film installations to make that vision apparent. By making sure the graphics, language, and/or interactive and motion designs are on point, the task is to preserve the consistent look and feel of a project, be it a video game, advertising campaign, fashion line, or magazine.
  8. Advertising Manager- Another popular Des. career option is advertising manager. The advertising manager looks after the advertising process. Their job role is to plan, implement and manage advertising campaigns to promote the brand’s product or services. To effectively communicate the desired message, they often work in close collaboration with graphic designers, copywriters, etc.

What is scope after BDes?

The scope for B.Des. graduates is vast. This industry has great potential and with changes in technology, there are many industries that require professional designers. And this course is offered by reputed design universities such as Anant National University, in various disciplines. And as the Government of India is also focussing on promoting the art & cultural heritage of India to boost tourism, the B.Des. scope and salary are also improving in the government sector.

They receive employment opportunities in sectors such as corporate houses, boutiques, garment manufacturing units, public sectors, fashion media, homes, etc. And apart from pursuing job roles in the public and private sector, B.Des. graduates can opt for higher education courses such as M.Des., MFM, or MBA to widen their career prospects.

Final thoughts,

The multiple disciplines in the B.Des. course, open the door for various career options after B.Des. And India needs approximately 62,000 designers for various streams. So, it is high time to choose a design specialization based on your interest and career goals and design your dream career with the best design institute in Ahmedabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which design course has the highest scope?The graphic/communication designing course has the highest scope amongst designing courses in India.
    • Enhanced career opportunities
    • Lucrative pay packages and additional perks
    • Entrepreneurship opportunity
    • Chance to pursue specializations
    • Opportunity to work in a developing industryWhat are the benefits of B.Des.?
      The benefits of pursuing a B.Des. course are as follows-
  2. What is the salary of B.Des. in India?
    According to payccale, the average salary of B.Des. graduates in India are Rs. 4,97,000.
  3. Why choose Anant National University to pursue the B.Des. programme
    • It is India’s 1st DesignX institute and provides B.Des. course with multiple specialisations.
    • AnantU boasts of renowned faculty members with relevant academic experience.
    • AnantU offers campus placement facilities to its students in organizations such as TCS, Wipro, INI Design Studio, Accenture, Piramal Group, etc.
    • The college will help financially weak students by providing them with financial aid and student