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Despite the popularity and career benefits of a Master of Design degree, the student’s like you might be confused about whether it’s the right career path or not. So, how can you know if a Master’s degree is actually worthwhile? Although it’s impossible to respond to that question without knowing every aspect of each circumstance, weighing the advantages and disadvantages can at least help you have a better idea of what decision to make.

In this post, we’ll dig into the challenges & rewards of studying this course. So, let’s get started.

Master of Design- Course Overview:

Students with an interest in the artistic field opt for the postgraduate master of design degree to join the flourishing design industry with better career prospects. Various top design colleges in India offer this course in different specialisations.

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Course highlights of M Design course at Anant National University

Course Level  Postgraduate
Course Duration  2 years
Minimum eligibility  Applicants should have cleared an undergraduate degree with a minimum score of 50% from a recognised college/university.
Availability of seats  20

Challenges of Master of Design Course

  1.  Time Commitment- To complete Masters in UI UX design/interior design/fashion design, etc. you need to commit to 2 years of your life, efforts, and energy. And it becomes challenging to make a balance between your study schedule, family, and work life.
  2. Opportunity Cost- After completing a bachelor’s degree, students have the choice to either pursue a master design degree or to pursue a job. And students with financial responsibility may find it challenging to opt for one. Hence, it is a great practice to estimate opportunity costs before joining a master course.
  3. Cost- Studying for Master of Design courses is a big investment. You need to spend money on course fees, books, hostel fees, etc. and getting a loan to complete a course can cause extra burden or stress. Some students may find the course expensive based on their budget.Hence to avoid this challenge it is very important to choose a college that offers courses under your budget or offers scholarship opportunities. Additionally, you should check the placement package offered by the college, so that you might not end up with a low return on investment.
  4. No guarantee of success- Earning a master of design course does not ensure professional success. It’s become a challenge for you to set reasonable goals and be ready for the chance that your master’s degree may not bring about the quick career success you were looking for.

Rewards of studying Master of Design course

  1. Better career opportunities- After studying designing master courses, students will receive ample career opportunities in the public & private sectors. Some of the prominent sectors that recruit design students are interior design companies, construction companies, manufacturing companies, set designing companies, architectural firms, the hospitality sector, educational companies, textile manufacturers, retail stores, etc.
    • Entrepreneur
    • Project Engineers
    • Costume designer
    • Design Manager
    • Furniture Designer
    • Fashion Blogger
    • Industrial Designer
    • Fashion Designer
    • Lighting Designer
    • Production Designer
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Stylist
  2. Higher Earning Potential- With increased skills, knowledge & expertise, recruiters tend to hire masters in interior design/ graphic design, etc with better pay packages in higher-level job positions.
  3. Expertise in the subject- Masters of Design courses will improve your understanding, knowledge, and skills in a specialised area of design such as interior design, fashion design, etc. Additionally, the course will give you a detailed orientation which will help you gain expertise in the subject matter.
  4. Entrepreneurship opportunity- Along with design concepts, the course curriculum of a master of design course will teach you about entrepreneurship, startups, company plans, and other related topics. And if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will also have the option of starting your own design firm after gaining a few years of work experience.
  5. Work recognition- Whether you are a masters of graphic design graduate or an interior design graduate, your work will involve considering clients’ requirements & suggestions, and when you meet their expectations with your creativity, you’ll be appreciated for your job.

Reasons to study a Master of Design course from Anant National University

  • Our college offers top-notch masters of product designwith diploma and undergraduate courses in multiple fields of design.
  • We regularly organise seminars andworkshops for our students to keep them updated with recent market trends and
  • We also offer project-based learning and an international student exchange facility at our campus.
  • We aim to provide quality education with an affordable course fee. However, we also offer scholarship programs for economically backward studentsand help students get educational loans through leading banks in India.

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Summing up

At last, we can conclude that pursuing a postgraduate degree in design is worth it and a great future investment. However, you should carefully assess your ambitions, budget, and personal situation before deciding whether to pursue a master’s degree. And if you are ready to kickstart your postgraduate course, then please check out the course curriculum of the best designx colleges in Gujarat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How important is a masters degree in design?
    With a master of design degree, you can develop strong design skills and knowledge, create your professional portfolio, gain a competitive advantage, and find profitable job prospects in your chosen field of design.
  2. What are the benefits of doing a masters degree?
    The benefits of pursuing a master’s degree are:

    • Better job opportunities in growing industries
    • Good pay packages with additional perks
    • Entrepreneurial opportunities
    • Increased knowledge and expertise in a subject domain
  3. What does a Master of Design do?
    Master of Design graduates indulge in planning and developing creative and functional designs in the field of fashion, interior, product, or graphic design. They either work with design companies, or manufacturing firms or can establish design companies.