Criteria for Eligibility

  • Applicants should have successfully completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any discipline before the start of the Fellowship. Students in their final year may also apply
  • Applicants must show a demonstrated commitment to improving the Built Environment, and an understanding of the issues pertaining to this area
  • Applicants may with or without work experience may also apply

What we Look for

The ideal Anant Fellow is a passionate young achiever who wishes to bring positive change to the built environment. Each applicant must demonstrate:

  • A passion for problem-solving and critical thinking
  • A proven track record of community engagement, leadership and/or taking initiative in their community
  • The ability to navigate difficult situations and good decision making skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • A combination of good academic and extracurricular achievements

Admission Procedure

  • Application Review
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Personal Interview

Application Review

Register here to submit your application. We look forward to knowing more about you through your application.

Note: There are no application fees or entry tests for Anant Fellowship

Telephonic Interview

Each candidate shortlisted for Telephonic Interviews will be notified by email. Interviews will be conducted by our programme team or an alumnus of Anant Fellowship. Telephone interviews are designed to understand the background and areas of interest of each candidate.

Personal Interview

Candidates shortlisted for the personal interviews will be invited to our beautiful lake view 100-acre campus in Ahmedabad, a UNESCO World Heritage City. A panel of faculty and experts from AnantU will interview each candidate to gauge their purpose and compatibility with our programme structure and objectives. All candidates invited to the interview are expected to attend. International applicants and other candidates who are unable to travel will conduct their Personal Interviews online.

Fees and Financial Aid

Fee Structure for Anant Fellowship

Tuition: 5,00,000 INR (Approx. $ 6350)

Hostel & Mess: 2,00,000 INR (Approx. $ 2540)

TOTAL FEE: 7,00,000 INR (Approx. $ 8890)

Financial Aid for Anant Fellowship

Need-based scholarships are offered to candidates who demonstrate a genuine financial need. Anant Fellowship provides 25%-100% tuition scholarship to deserving candidates who don’t have the ability to pay on their own or with the help of their immediate family. All applications submitted to the Fellowship are considered for one of our scholarship options.

The refund of fees will be processed in accordance with the circular No. D.O. No. 1-3/2007 (CPP-II) issued by the Universities Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi dated 2nd November 2018.

Read our FAQs

Anant Fellowship is a one-year postgraduate diploma programme in built environment. The programme is designed to incorporate the best learning practices through a flexible multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum. In addition to classroom lectures delivered by leading academics, industry practitioners and experts; the programme includes field visits, studio sessions, workshops, seminars and the Live-Action Project (LAP). At the end of the programme, Fellows will be awarded a post-graduate diploma certificate.

No specific eligibility criteria is required for the Fellowship. The programme is open to candidates who have an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in any discipline. However, the programme team is keen to include students and working professionals who have a demonstrated commitment towards the built environment, leadership aptitude, good communications skills and the ability to work in a collaborative learning environment.

No. Candidates have the provision to register on our portal and complete the form as per their convenience. You also have the option to save parts of the form and complete it at a later date, as per your convenience.

Applications are currently in process the for the 2022-23 cohort. Interested candidates can apply for the programme here.

The selection process is split into three rounds:

Round 1: Application Review

Round 2: Telephonic Interview

Round 3: Personal interview

In the first round, the programme team will review your application. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to the second round, where you will be interviewed over the phone. In the final round, you will be interviewed in person or over an online platform by a team of experts including AnantU faculty.

In round 1, candidates will be expected to submit their application form along with a SoP. The SoP should:

  • Present a clear idea of your journey

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the programme

  • Showcase your ability to think and write critically

  • Include your goals and how the Fellowship will help you achieve them

If shortlisted, the programme team will contact you for round 2. In round 2, candidates will be interviewed over the phone by a programme team member. The interview will be a 20-30 minute conversation regarding the information given by the candidate on their application form. It may also include a discussion of their goals and interests.

If shortlisted for round 3, the programme team will schedule a personal interview on AnantU campus or an online platform. Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of experts including AnantU faculty who will assess the candidate’s knowledge about the programme along with their critical thinking skills. If selected, candidates will receive an offer from the programme team within 3-5 days after the final round.

Yes, you can reapply but not for the current academic year. You can submit a fresh application for the next admission cycle.

You can apply to the Fellowship through the application portal on our website. To apply, please follow the steps given below:

  • Register on the website – here
  • Sign in and complete the application form
  • The programme team will send a confirmation email when we receive the application

You can also submit your application via post. To apply, please follow the steps given below:

  1. Download and print the application form from the website
  2. Fill the form manually and mail it to Anant Fellowship, Anant National University, Sanskardham Campus, Bopal-Ghuma-Sanand Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382115
  3. The programme team will send a confirmation email when we receive the application.

No, there is no such option. However, the candidate may reapply in the next admission cycle.