Service UNITS

  • Co-curricular/ Support Services
  • Health, Wellness and Safety
  • Student Campus Life
  • Student Residence Life

The Office of Student Services oversees a variety of programs designed to help students achieve success in their academic as well as personal goals. It facilitates a smooth and efficient transition to campus life through various levels of support services, ranging from hostel accommodation to training for Residence Assistants, Well-being Warriors to on-campus student employment. Understanding the importance of integrating academic and student life, we have designed the support services with collaborative efforts to assist students’ development both inside and outside the classroom.

Health matters at AnantU. The aim of this Service Unit of the Office of Student Services is to enhance the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of every student at AnantU. With this goal, we provide services for health care, distress & emergency situations, and safety & security. Student health, counseling and mentoring forms an important activity at the Office of Student Services. The Office of Student Services provides online, in-face counselling and workshops in partnership with YourDOST team. Apart from need-based services, this Service Unit runs a Well-Being Centre, Bloom, which regularly holds awareness and training programs for the overall well-being of students and faculty/staff.

The Health, Wellness and Safety Unit of the Student Services Office strives to create a healthy campus, a happy community and a safe work environment through integrated programs and services.

AnantU has a very active and vibrant Student body, which is continually engaged in the creative pursuit of a holistic, well balanced career and life. Their enthusiasm towards creating a rich campus life is evident in the number and variety of activities and events they organize on campus, ranging from music concerts to hands-on workshops to print and graphic workshops to sports, games, debates and quiz. There are several student clubs on campus that offer a multitude of opportunities to become involved and active on the AnantU campus and contribute to the vibrant environment. The Student Campus Activities Unit of the Student Services Office works with the student bodies to expand their sphere of learning by providing many exciting outside-the-classroom possibilities, leadership & volunteer opportunities.

The Residence Life Team at AnantU aims toward creating a safe, enriching and robust environment at the university hostel. The residence life team comprises of the Residence Life Coordinator, wardens, administration team and Hostel student POCs. Hostel student POCs are student representatives who are the primary point of contact for students at the hostel. They work closely as part of the residence life team and help understanding student concerns and solving them. AnantU is proud to be home for a bright, diverse and talented group of individuals. The residence is equipped with all required basic amenities and services. Dedicated House cleaning staff does regular cleaning at the hostel. Students engage in a lot of activities and initiatives throughout the year which fosters a very robust and vibrant environment conducive to learning and fun. Festivals like Christmas, Diwali, and Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrated, and get-togethers, indoor and outdoor games, night events, movie screenings, and hostel trips happen throughout the year. Continuous feedback is taken from students to understand their needs for wellbeing.