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Dr Amitabh Rajan, Chairman of the Reserve Bank of India Services Board, marked how ethical engagement can lead to a creation of a better and more conscious society during his talk on Ethics of Engagement at Anant National University, India’s first DesignX University.

Organised by the varsity’s flagship programme Anant Fellowship, the talk touched upon how various government and private organisations employ ethics in conducting business; conceptualised the role of ethics, morality and law across sectors, including administration, profession, knowledge management, performance, economics, innovation, entrepreneurship; discussed the evolution and the multi-dimensional nature of ethics and how different philosophers have defined his approach to ethics.

“Knowledge is of three kinds: technical, directed towards profit and emancipatory, which is concerned with creating and generating knowledge beneficial for everybody. Such knowledge, I believe, could only be instilled by ethical universities. Today, India is doing well because the equality of opportunities has worked for them. The new generation is creating, coping, adjusting, and surviving well. They are the future of the world. The power lies with them,” said Dr Amitabh Rajan, Chairman of the Reserve Bank of India Services.

“Universities need to give the right exposure, forewarnings, shape and chisel them in a particular way to engage more ethically, and become a better person, thereby creating a conducive and just society,” he concluded.

Dr Anunaya Chaubey, Provost of Anant National University said,” Mr Rajan has been practising ethics every day, sharing what is moral or ethical, its present and future implications. Understanding ethical conduct is crucial and important for the world at large. One must know how to do the right thing, but before that, one must know what is the right thing and how to get there. Given Mr Rajan’s vast experience in every field conceivable, from administration to scholarship to research, and somebody who has learnt from all his exposure and experiences, he becomes an example, a role model and somebody we must follow and learn from.”

Source: https://www.telegraphindia.com/edugraph/news/rbi-services-board-chairman-amitabh-rajan-calls-for-universities-to-give-ethical-education-at-anant-national-university/cid/1933012