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The 27th United Nations Climate Change conference was held from November 6 to November 18, 2022. This conference aims to acquire partnerships and boost the implementation of emission targets undertaken by several countries globally.
Anant School of Climate Action, founding director, CEO of Sustain Labs Paris, Miniya Chatterji also participated in the COP27 conference and spoke at various sessions on how the private sector can achieve emission targets. Kelo Uchendu Anant fellow for climate action (2021-2022 cohort), was also an official participant at COP 27, representing the youth at the high-level climate negotiation conference.
AnantU, provost, Anunaya Chaubey addressed the participants of the workshop ‘Tackling climate change: remedial measures for small and medium enterprises, sustainable infrastructure and land governance’ through a video message at COP 27. Speaking to the participants via a video conference, Anunaya Chaubey said: “There is no doubt, no debate, that our climate has changed and is changing rapidly. More catastrophic and devastating droughts, floods, fires, and extreme weather events exist. We have discovered the consequences of our irresponsible and unsustainable approach to development. At international conclaves and summits, we had made promises to change our ways and set goals. However, progress has been slow. The next decade will be the most critical in combating climate change. I hope that COP27 will result in a stronger resolution and more effective implementation of goals that will assist weaker economies in acquiring the means to protect themselves from the effects of climate change & contribute to climate preservation. On behalf of Anant National University, I wish COP27 every success in meeting these objectives and contributing to the preservation of our planet.”
In addition to this, two international students named Njili Ireline Mercy Mbinoh and Fokou Ngoumo Hilux from GITAM (Deemed to be University) also participated in the conference. Both students belong to Cameroon, Africa, and have been actively pursuing their interests in the development space.

Source: https://news.careers360.com/anant-universitys-school-of-climate-change-becomes-only-indian-institute-participate-in-cop27-egypt