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Anant National University inaugurated its three new labs, one each for Product Design, Photography and Moving Image. The labs are equipped with machines, equipment and tools that will offer the students of the School of Design, AnantU, the hands-on experience needed for their majors and minors, inculcating the practice of innovation, creation and research. AnantU offers Bachelor of Design degree with seven specialisations – Product Design, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Space Design, Sustainable Fashion & Textile Design, Moving Image and Transdisciplinary Design.

All three laboratories – Product Design, Photography and Moving Image – are equipped with facilities to help students visualise and see their ideas come to life.The advanced product laboratory, ‘FutureShift’ on the varsity campus will facilitate product prototyping, as students can see their ideas come to life. The lab is equipped with 3D printing, CNC, resin prints, workstations for assembly and sketching desks with Wacoms. The laboratory comes with augmented and virtual reality capabilities with dual-screen PCs for an immersive media experience. The ‘FutureShift’ laboratory will help students in designing, and innovating the product experience for their learnings and eventual application to real-world scenarios.

The advanced photography studio comes with professional-grade equipment and a range of cameras from Canon housed in a dedicated 30×30 feet studio set to help students to get a feel of the real-world settings of a photoshoot environment. The Moving Image lab has a preview room, scenography lab, animation workspace, edit workspace and sound design. All these are provisioned with the latest machines, software and hardware so the students are experiencing the latest in their major.

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