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We all know that Ahmedabad has a rich heritage. We even have the glory of becoming the first world heritage city of India. We take pride in our pols, step wells, havelis and monuments like Sidi Saiyeed ni Jali, Sarkhej Roza, Bhadra, Badshah no Haziro, Rani no Haziro among others.
But, what are we doing to preserve it. How do we ensure that our past is preserved, conserved and our monuments well-maintained even as we move towards millennium development goals and ensuring world class infrastructure in the smart city?

If you are looking for the answers then attend this guest lecture by Prof. Amareswar Galla, one of the biggest names in Heritage Management, on Thursday.
Prof Galla, a JNU alumnus, who is the executive director of International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, Australia would deliver a talk on ‘Living Heritage Matters’ at Anant National University at 4 pm on Thursday.

The producer and editor of the flagship project and publication to celebrate the 40 th Anniversary of the UNESCO 1972 World Heritage Convention: World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders would talk about safeguarding intangible heritage and Sustainable Development Goals at the event.