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Culminated with advancements and upgrades, people of today’s era expect the elements of modernity and sustainability in all kinds of products they consume and utilise. This awakening of the demand for quality yet voguishness blended products has carved out a separate product design industry. Do you know that businesses that product design generate 32% more revenue? This rapid outgrowth of the product design arena has instigated and developed a unique academic course for itself, and it is BDes Product Design.

Curated and designed, BDes Product Design navigates a career journey towards a remarkable position and we will explore those career possibilities in this article.

Bachelor of Design in Product Design at Anant National University:

India has almost 1,594 design colleges, and Anant National University is one of the best design colleges among them. We offer an impeccable range of design courses and one of them is BDes product design. Find the course details below.

Course Name BDes in Product Design
Course Description BDes product design is designed to educate students on product design facts such as the psychological study of consumers, data scanning and much more to create ideal product solutions and designs.

This course inculcates sound knowledge about various designing options, techniques, nuances and much more to develop students into notable product designers.

Level Undergraduate level
Duration 4 years
Eligibility Criteria  A minimum of 50% on the class XII test, or its equivalent, in any stream.

 Complete the 12th grade through the Gujarat State Board, or any other state’s board (Applicants completing their 10+2 level of education from the CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, or IB are also eligible).

Admission Process Admission to BDes Product Design at Anant National University is provided based on AnantU Design Entrance Test (DET) performance.

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Product Design Industry and its job market:

Perpetuating itself from industrial design in 1839, product design has outgrown into an individual design facet, including all products from manual to digital.

Today, product design has intruded into almost all the industries such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare, entertainment and much more. Take a look at the major industries that contribute to the product design industry.

With a global market value of USD 9.4 billion by 2022, the product design industry is massively developing. This development is expected to reach USD 24.1 billion by 2030 by exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.9% in the time scale of 2023 to 2028. Take a look at the graph here that stands as great proof of product design scope.

Product design industry growth is significantly rising and has the largest market in the Asia-Pacific region with a 42.2% revenue share in 2022 that includes India. Here is a report depicting the largest and fastest-growing region of the product design industry.

The above-mentioned statistical data and graphs are significant evidence that marks a wide scale of product design careers in India as well as other nations.

Now, let us explore the career opportunities available for BDes Product Design graduates in detail.

Job Options after BDes Product Design:

The job market of the product design industry is significantly larger with new emerging trends such as sustainable design, minimalistic design, computer-aided design, human-centred design, product ergonomics and much more invading the industry.

Being a remarkably progressive industry, the product design industry is extending a wide range of product design job opportunities in various industries and let us have a look at it here.

Sectors hiring product designers:

Product designers are hired in various sectors to ideate and develop product solutions with remarkable and sustainable outcomes for business enhancement.

The dominating sector that holds the largest revenue share of 55.5% in the product design industry by 2022 is the medical device industry, while other popular sectors hiring BDes Product Design graduates are as follows:

  • Energy Utilities
  • Information Technology & Computing
  • Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Automotive and Automobiles
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Biomedical Engineering

With the ideas of the various sectors hiring product design graduates, let us explore the best product design jobs available in these sectors.

Job options available for product designers:

A wide range of product design jobs are open in various sectors and some of the best product design jobs are as follows:

Product Design Jobs Average Salary in INR
Product Designer 9 LPA
Product Manager 12 LPA
Project Design Analysis Consultant 6 LPA
Design Consultant 4 LPA
Advertising Director 7 LPA
CAD Technician 4.49 LPA
Clothing/Textile Technologist 3.64 LPA
Colour Technologist 6.4 LPA
Exhibition Designer 3 LPA
Furniture Designer 3.45 LPA
Interior and Spatial Designer 3.07 LPA
Industrial Designer 4.35 LPA
UI/UX Designer 5.2 LPA
Ceramic Designer 3.2 LPA

Many more jobs are available after BDes Product Design, yet these jobs rank top among them.

Higher Education Options after BDes Product Design:

BDes Product Design graduates from top colleges such as ours, Anant National University can boost their career prospects by taking up higher education courses which will strengthen their career profile.

We at Anant National University offer the best higher education option, i.e., a Master of Design (Integrated Product Design) course, wherein other options include:

  • Master of Fashion Management
  • Master of Business Administration in Design Management
  • Master of Business Administration in Retail Management
  • Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics


Exploring one of the best progressive career pathways is made possible with a BDes Product Design degree. Quenching your thirst for creativity, this course will fill you with the best possible knowledge that will help you venture into various sectors and come up with unique, innovative, and sustainable product outcomes for the global population.

With greater career outcomes, the product design industry is expanding significantly expecting skilled creative candidates like you. Consider it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it hard to find a job as a product designer?
    Finding a job as a product designer is quite explorative but not hard. Product designers are offered jobs in various industries and coming up with suitable ones can take time but it is possible. Searching and exploring constantly will surely yield great job opportunities in the product design industry.
  2. Is there a demand for product designers?
    Yes, there is a great demand for product designers in various sectors, especially medical device manufacturing sectors. The demand for product designers is vividly significant in its market value of USD 9.4 billion by 2022.
  3. How to find a job in product design?
    Step 1: Complete the BDes Product Design course
    Step 2: Stabilise yourself by developing relevant skills
    Step 3: Create your portfolio
    Step 4: Apply at various design companies and sectors with your portfolio
  4. Is product design a good career in 2023?
    Yes, product design is a good career in 2023 as the product design industry is expected to grow to a market value of around USD 24 billion by 2030. This expansion of the industry holds a great career scope for the upcoming product designers.