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Humorous and heart-warming, Kanika Jain’s poem “Life Advice from a Grandparent” switches the roles of listener and speaker. It was inspired by a prompt based on Nissim Ezekiel’s famous poem “The Professor”, as part of the Introductory Creative Writing module “Point of View”.

-Dr Ashima Sood


We want you to know honey,
that we are always here
whenever you need money.
But don’t wear those high heels
because they’ll hurt your knees.
We want you to have a good education,
and we wish you to become a big sensation.
But don’t go out too late
otherwise you’ll be kept out of the gate.
We want you to sit and talk
instead of using Instagram to stalk.
But don’t be so mischievous
and try to be a little chivalrous.
We want you to listen to us because we know
what is good and what is bad .
But don’t you dare think
that we are mad
We want you to hear that there are times
when we feel lonely
and you are the only one
who can make us feel lively.
But don’t stay up too late
To chat with your fellow mate.
We want you to know that we are always here
to provide you with all the love and care.
And in the end darling,
Always remember that the lost time is never found again,
And it is only the memories which will remain.

-By Kanika Jain