Welcome to JAM PACKD : Games Jam for Social Change!

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JAM PACKD : Social Impact Game Jam is an opportunity to rally the community around game-making. Collaborate, work, and make games with other designers, programmers, and artists to build a new game in days not months. Participants will have the themes revealed at the event’s start. In 48 hours participants will make a new game to add to their portfolio!

The event is curated and led by Professor Lindsay Grace, the former Vice President of the largest game jam in the world, the Global Game Jam, this is an opportunity to practice game-making in a playful, supportive environment. This is not a competition, this is an opportunity to jam with others, practicing game design like musicians practicing music.

The event is open only for teams of students who have mixed skill sets to develop either a fresh new Tangible or Digital game in response to the theme of the event. Sign up with your team today and add a new game to your portfolio! Have a look at the FAQs and register. For any questions contact us at gamejam@anu.edu.in

Why the Social Game Jam Matters

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, games now serve as more than just a means of amusement. They are now an effective instrument for addressing significant societal concerns. Through the Social Game Jam, you have the opportunity to use the creativity and ingenuity that come with game development to truly make an effect. Here’s why this occasion is so important:

Empowerment by Play: Unlike traditional media, games have the rare capacity to inform, captivate, and uplift audiences. You may encourage positive behaviors, foster empathy, and increase knowledge of a variety of social concerns with your game.

Working together and bringing in different viewpoints: Developing games is a team effort. It’s a cooperative approach that unites various skills and viewpoints. You will get teamwork skills from this jam by combining

Boost Your Voice: Games are a medium that may be widely viewed, giving you the opportunity to advocate for change, disseminate your message, and raise awareness of issues that are important to you and your community.

Innovation and Creativity: Developing video games forces you to think creatively, unconventionally, and innovatively in ways that advance society as a whole.

Celebrating making and outstanding participation: All teams are to receive a certificate of participation. Even if this is not a competition, the best three projects will be awarded of total worth INR 1.5Lacs to encourage further development. All student teams who successfully demonstrate the prototype and will receive special certificates. Non-student teams or Professionals are not eligible for awards.

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Rules for registration :

  • Register as a team of students, students can be from different educational institutions and have different skill sets for example game design, industrial design, programming, interaction design, electronics, graphic design, social science, environmental science, architecture, etc. Diverse teams are encouraged with skillsets to not just ideate but to create working prototypes. Non-students / Professionals are allowed to participate in game jam spirit however are not eligible for awards.
  • No fees for students from Anant National University, for students other than Anant National University non-refundable fees are 500/- per student in a team.
  • Once registration is confirmed a confirmation will be sent by our team. In case of any queries contact or confirmation not received before 10th December 2023 contact us at: gamejam@anu.edu.in



Key dates and timing for the event :

Last date to register 11th December 2023
Arrive at Anant National University 14th December 2023, 9am
Event Starts 14th December 2023, 10.30am
Event Ends 16th December 2023, 10.30am






What is the eligibility for registration?
The Jampackd game jam event is open to Teams of four or three students from one or multiple educational institutions. Non-students and professionals are welcome to join the spirit of game-making in game jam and will receive certificates however will not considered for awards.


What are the arrangements for the event?
For the duration of the game jam, each team will have a designated workspace with power outlets, WiFi, tables, and seats. Throughout the event, attendees will receive lunch, snacks, and dinner at predetermined times; however, a canteen will be open the entire time.


Can a team submit an already-created game?
For this event, your team is expected to design a brand-new game around a variety of topics. When the game jam starts, the topics will be disclosed during the first hour. Previous work is not accepted.


Is this a workshop? What we will learn?
It is anticipated that teams would possess a basic understanding of game development as well as an enthusiasm in creating games. No prior experience is necessary, however as this isn’t a workshop, there will not be any instruction on how to make games. Throughout the game jam, there will be a few expert sessions and mentors accessible for advice and conversation at different points.


What is the anticipated output?
In response to the event themes, each team will have to develop a game all formats are acceptable: digital (computer or mobile-based, 3D, 2D, VR, etc.), physical (board, card, or any other tangible format), or hybrid (circuit-based). After 48 hours each game must be featured.


What about resources and infrastructure?
Participants are required to purchase and obtain materials in advance. On campus, the Makerspace offers basic manufacturing facilities like 3D printing, laser cutting, and basic workshops. If they want to use MDF, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other pertinent electronics and electronic fabrication tools and materials, they must bring them with them.