Swati Gupta

Adjunct Associate Professor;
Master's in History,
Rohailkhand University

Swati Gupta pursued her postgraduation in History from Rohailkhand University and undergraduation in Interior Design from ONGC, Dehradun. Backed more than 17 years of experience in teaching and consultancy, she has worked for Modi Xerox, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh as a designer, and served as a senior faculty at the International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD). Currently, Swati works as an independent interior designer and has designed several offices, corporate spaces, and private residential spaces. She is also a design consultant for Ahmedabad based design firms v n Associates and BNK Interior Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Swati has participated in many workshops across the country. She has received certification from IIT-Mumbai for dedicated participation in a 3-day workshop in Continuing Education Programme (CEP) course on Expo Info Design Structuring, Architecture, and Visualisation. She has also submitted a paper on ‘Design Education in India: A 3-Dimensional Perspective’ in World Design Organisation (WDO). A passionate photographer, her pictures were displayed at the renowned Kanakia Art Gallery in Mumbai.

Swati Gupta is an Associate Professor at the Anant National University.